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Teleportation. Does it exist? Generally, science and mysticism and the paranormal do not mix. Likewise, atheism and psychic phenomena make strange bedfellows. Superstition and science. But, there is a lot of junk science and pseudo science as there are a lot of charlatans who think they know where Solomon hid the gold or where the Ark of the Covenant may be mothballed. Throw into bilocation and dematerialization into this and our three dimensional world is starting to look a little fatigued and shopworn. Science fiction or is there something there? As skeptical and cynical as we tend to be, there is something perplexing about psychics being able to locate people; either an elaborate setup classifying the gullible as dupes or there is something unusual operating under the radar of scientific inquiry.

---The second painting shows Ranieri appearing to a cardinal in a dream; this panel is now in the Staatliche Museen in Berlin. It depicts Ranieri floating in mid-air above the sleeping body of a well-fed cardinal, pointing to a flask containing a healing balm. It was a good thing for those who saw the Blessed Ranieri (d. 1304) flying about in this way that they were living in a Catholic country where bilocation and astral projection were welcomed, at least when practiced by the religiously correct. --- Read More:

All the religious folklore, Eastern and Western seem to contain some element of what is called a shortening of the way; an ability to voyage at high and invisible speed and two be in one locale and then suddenly in another. Or to be in two locales at once.

Time Magazine:Depending on your favorite sci-fi yarns, teleportation is either a very, very bad idea (see: The Fly) or a very, very cool one (see: Star Trek). For scientists, it’s just very, very complex, so much so that at this point, teleportation is not a matter of moving matter but one of transporting information. Already, physicists have been able to exchange information between light particles — or photons — or between atoms, so long as they were right next to each other. The current experiment marks the first in which information has traveled a significant distance — 1 m, or a little more than 3 ft. — between two isolated atoms. It’s also the first time the powers of a photon, which is good at traveling over long distances, and an atom, which is prized for its ability to retain information, have been jointly exploited. Read more:,8599,1874760,00.html#ixzz1nA4VKBpe


Among the most remarkable of the documented cases of bilocation was the Padre’s appearance in the air over San Giovanni Rotondo during World War II. While southern Italy remained in Nazi hands American bombers were given the job of attacking the city of San Giovanni Rotondo. However, when they appeared over the city and prepared to unload their munitions a brown-robed friar appeared before their aircraft. All attempts to release the bombs failed. In this way Padre Pio kept his promise to the citizens that their town would be spared. Later on, when an American airbase was established at Foggia a few miles away, one of the pilots of this incident visited the friary and found to his surprise the little friar he had seen in the air that day over San Giovanni.

As to how Padre Pio with God’s help accomplished such feats, the closest he ever came to an explanation of bilocation was to say that it occurred “by an extension of his personality.” Read More:

---Henry Fuseli The Mandrake: A Charm circa 1785 Oil on canvas, 635 x 765 mm Lent by the Paul Mellon Collection, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven---Read More:

A fascinating article in The Anomalist (1995) by Donna Higbee describes her research into what she terms ‘Involuntary Spontaneous Human Invisibility’, a condition whereby otherwise normal, healthy people find that they have suddenly become invisible to those around them.

After placing an inquiry about the phenomenon on several Internet bulletin boards, she says “the letters began pouring in.”  Many people claimed to have had several of these experiences.

“Often it takes several such occurrences before they realize that they are truly invisible during certain times to other people. The

tempt to interact with those around them and simply can’t be seen or heard.”

These people report instances of invisibility in places such as airports, libraries, clothing stores, restaurants, parties, and at home.

Luckily the effect seem to wear off spontaneously, otherwise we might never hear from them again. As invisibility is sometimes reported as a component of the UFO abduction phenomenon, Higbee at first thought that the people contacting her might all be abductees, but, as her data-base expanded, this appeared not to be the case. She does claim however that they seem to have higher than average psychic abilities.

Higbee also points out that Western occultism and Eastern yoga traditions refer to the possibility of making oneself invisible. Read More:

…This leaves us with the baffling question of how someone can produce matter from ‘nowhere’.

In the literature on shamanism there are instances where objects, or even living insects, are materialized.

In his book Gifts of Unknown Things, Lyall Watson describes an incident in the Amazon where he witnessed a local healer first remove an infected tooth from a patient, and then announce that he had to make the pain of the infected gum go away. To do this, he somehow materialized over a hundred black army ants which marched in an ordered column out of the patient’s mouth, down his arm and away into the grass at the edge of the clearing.

This caused great mirth among the watching natives because, as Watson later discovered, the local word for pain was the same as that for army ant.

As Watson put it:

“The healer had promised that the pain would leave, and so it did in the form of an elaborate and extraordinary pun. It walked out.”

( ibid.)

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