greek debt sponging: lesson 613

Times are tough.The Greek parliament is pulling a Greek Sneak and taxing those poor folks to their last souvlaki. These are the lean cow years. Or goat if you live on a rocky hill. But all is not lost. Tip 613 for Greeks to raise cash: since Frogs in Quebec can be both attained by both fishing and hunting(!) you need two permits. That is a fishing license AND hunting license just in case you have to track the bandit making off with your vittles. The good news is that you don’t require a certificate or have passed any examination in firearms use and safety. Capturing the old fashioned way by hand is allowed without restriction but the use of nets requires a letter of recommendation from the Department of Agriculture.

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Should you wish to bag a frog with a cross-bow for example, that will require an additional permit. Non residents of “la belle province” should check local listings. There is pejorative argot that uses the term frog in a derogatory manner to describe Quebec residents. Perhaps the government can turn this to advantage by encouraging the capture and kill by said segment inducing this group to undertake an arduous voyage to the deepest woods where they will be devoured by black flies. picked to the bone.

There is a certain absurdity to the Frog season  since by and large there is no limit on the catch and once could conceivably start a thriving frog farm, pet center, or slice and dice for the Asian restaurant trade without restriction. Cross-bows 12 years and older. The sweet spot is the child’s license which can be used up to the age of twelve at the junior fare. No sharing.

---Flying Frog Headpiece Flying Frog Headpiece, wood, Tsimshian carving, mid-19th century (courtesy NMC).--- Read More:

From various Quebec provincial publications: …A certificate is not required to hunt hares, eastern cottontails, leopard frogs, green frogs and bullfrogs.All of the following species may be hunted under a small game hunting licence … , except frogs, for which it is necessary to be the holder of a frog hunting licence….

Ernest Hemingway. Photograph Robert Capa. Read More:

…Quebec exempts certain species—garter snakes and some amphibians may be caught without a licence—but imposes quotas. See the chart at
right. …before reptiles and amphibians were a common sight in pet stores, most people who wanted to keep a reptile or amphibian as a pet simply went out and caught one. But times have changed. More and more species become threatened or endangered—and, more to the
point, protected by law….

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American Toad NP (SG) NP
Gray Treefrog P P
Spring Peeper NP (SG) P
Chorus Frog NP (SG) P
Bullfrog P NP (L2/SE)
Green Frog NP (SG) NP (SE)
Pickerel Frog NP (SG) P
Northern Leopard Frog NP (SG) NP (SE)
Mink Frog NP (SG) NP
Wood Frog NP (SG) NP
Eastern Newt NP (SG) NP (L2)

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