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Jesse Marinoff Reyes ( Jesse Marinoff Reyes Design, Maplewood, N.J.)

When I became a baseball fan growing up in Seattle—in the wake of the departure of the Seattle Pilots—I was a regular viewer of The Game of The Week, checking out the great teams of the day that would invariably be in “heavy rotation”: The Cincinnati Reds, The Pittsburgh Pirates, The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Baltimore Orioles, The Boston Red Sox. One other team that had many games featured, perhaps as a residue of having been owned by the GOW’s broadcaster (flipping with NBC), CBS, the once-great, but now-moribund New York Yankees. For some reason I gravitated to the Yankees, one of the worst teams that one saw on national television. Maybe it was the franchise history, that the team of Mickey Mantle couldn’t be down for long.

---101 Reasons To Hate George Steinbrenner Citadel Press, 1997 Illustration: Zina Saunders Design: Gregory K. Wilkin, Margaret R. Wolf---

Maybe it was Thurmon Munson’s mustachioed scowl and gritty play. At around the same time, CBS ceded ownership to a group from Cleveland headed by a man named George M. Steinbrenner III. Steinbrenner’s group paid CBS roughly $8.7M (of which, Steinbrenner’s out-of-pocket is reported to have been $100K). 37 years, eleven Pennants and seven World Series titles later, the Yankees are now worth about $1.5B, and its broadcast network, YES (Yankees’ Entertainment and Sports network), is worth about as much as well. Maybe there is something to reinvesting in your team after all, eh sports franchise owners? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, RIP Boss George.

Or to put it another way, “Somewhere in heaven, Billy Martin just got fired.”

JMR Design.

Taking On The Yankees
W.W. Norton, 2005
Design: Jesse Marinoff Reyes
Photographs: Top row from left: Albert Dickson/Sporting News/Icon SMI (Steinbrenner); Larry Goren/Icon SMI (Beane); Robert Seale/Sporting News/Icon SMI (Selig); Mark Goldman/Icon SMI (Epstein). Bottom row from left: Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI (Jeter); Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated (Clemens); Sporting News/Icon SMI (Ruth); Sporting News/Icon SMI (Mantle); Sporting News/Icon SMI (DiMaggio)
Art Director: Ingsu Liu

---The Devil Wears Pinstripes: George Steinbrenner, The Satans of Swat, and the Curse of A-Rod Plume, 2005 Illustration: Arnold Roth Design: Lucia Kim Art Director: Melissa Jacoby---

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