a master collagist

Jesse Marinoff Reyes:

The Progressive
September, 1987 issue
Illustration: Stephen Kroninger
Art Director: Patrick Jb Flynn

---It loses a bit of impact online, compared to the full width of the Travel Section front page,...

Master collagist Stephen Kroninger was still in the first decade of his career, but was already firmly established in style and attitude. For years in the early 1990s Kroninger had a regular political “cartoon” spot in The Village Voice—when the venerable alt-press muckraker was still just that, and the leader of alternative newspapers nationwide—where he further refined and targeted this approach to political graphics. Whether his target was the Beltway, or the self-aggrandizers at City Hall or Albany, Kroninger’s pieces were eagerly awaited and rabidly devoured whether the reaction was a sardonic chuckle or an outright belly laugh—or the uncomfortable squirming or self-righteous huffing his targets were no doubt experiencing. Throughout, his art was singularly spectacular and savage, our latter-day John Heartfield. It is an absolute crime that a print vehicle isn’t using this powerful political visual voice.

Hear that Virgina Quarterly Review?!

For an even better look at the Times piece and a breakdown of his method, check out Stephen Kroninger’s DRAWger page:


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