the mudville nine today

Jesse Marinoff Reyes:

Here ┬áto whet the appetite for the smell of green grass, the crack of the bat, and the ever eternal boys of summer. See if you can spot a few of “my” ringers… PLAY BALL!

JMR Design

Taking On The Yankees
W.W. Norton, 2005
Design: Jesse Marinoff Reyes
Photographs: Top row from left: Albert Dickson/Sporting News/Icon SMI (Steinbrenner); Larry Goren/Icon SMI (Beane); Robert Seale/Sporting News/Icon SMI (Selig); Mark Goldman/Icon SMI (Epstein). Bottom row from left: Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI (Jeter); Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated (Clemens); Sporting News/Icon SMI (Ruth); Sporting News/Icon SMI (Mantle); Sporting News/Icon SMI (DiMaggio)
Art Director: Ingsu Liu

JMR Design

A Well-Paid Slave: Curt Flood’s Fight for Free Agency in Professional Sports
Viking, 2006
Design: Jesse Marinoff Reyes
Illustration/Digital Imaging: Viktor Koen
Art Director: Paul Buckley

JMR Design

The Incredible World Champs Mets
Paperback Library, 1970

Special thanks to Stephen Kroninger.

JMR Design

Who’s Who in Baseball
Harris Press, 1974

JMR Design

TV Guide, October 2-8, 1999 issue
Photograph: Len Irish

JMR Design

The New York Times Magazine, March 4, 2001 issue
Photograph: Henry Leutwyler
Art Director: Janet Froelich


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