survivalist must have

by Art Chantry:

pleased to find a copy of this the other day – a classic of northwest eco-cuisine – frank r. howard’s 1983 classic volume “the best washington slug recipes” (published by frank r. howard, $2.95). no self-respecting “GREEN” household in the the northwest can really do without one.

not only does this handy little booklet fill you in on how to hunt, identify and butcher slugs in a proper humans fashion, it also has lists of recommend tools and even a few puzzles int he back for the kiddies when you are out slug hunting. what fun for the whole family.

--- by the way, this is also illustrated by frank r. howard. where have i heard that name before?!? hmmmmm.....---AC

some favorite recipes (highly recommend) are the deviled slug canap├ęs, slug-a-roni, slug chowder (a local commercially available favorite sold in convenient cans), sweet-and-sour slugs (for the northwest asian constituency), roast slug, stuffed slug, slugs rockafella, and that party favorite – slugs on a shingle! it even has a easy recipe for slug shakes. add a dash of rum and it’s a positively perfect ‘hair of the dog’ concoction!

be on the lookout for this! a nifty budget-cutting booklet for today’s economic hard times. a survivalist “must-have.”

AC:for those out there not blessed by living in the northwest, i’ll share the secret of eating slugs (this is something we ‘mossbacks’ don’t often share with ‘outsiders’.) but, when you eat a slug (preferably fresh), the trick is to swallow it fast before you actually taste it. then you hope to hell it doesn’t crawl back out. try it! it’s FUN!!

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