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A strange paradigm. Where there are more synagogues looted, desecrated and burned in the Land of Israel than in the entire diaspora combined. Where the polemics of anti-Judaism are considered a rite of passage and armchair sport for the loose-lipped crowd. And the holy land remains an important export market for Nazi era artifacts and memorabilia. An unusual psychoses that is unique in its lack of equivalency.The former head of Mossad, Meir Dagan said the religious jews in Israel are a bigger problem than Iran’s weapons program. Yair Lapid seems to base his entire electoral appeal on religious bashing; a get-go on the burden placed by ultra-Orthodox Jews on the rest of Israeli society: he told ultra-Orthodox Jews recently, “We don’t hate you, we just can’t financially support you any more.” even though this ingenious maneuver denies that a policy of accommodation- nominal marginalization and exclusion- in effect colonization where the religious are basically tolerated guests, is now no longer viable due to demographics and stirrings of political assertion.

Read More: ---Approximately 1,500 ultra-Orthodox men gathered at Shabbat Square in the capital’s Geula neighborhood on Saturday night to protest what they called the “oppression” and “incitement” of the “secular community” against them. Dozens of men wore yellow Stars of David on their jackets with the word “Jude” in the center, and banners bearing slogans such as “Zionists are not Jews” and “Zionism is racism” were paraded at the rally. Source: Jerusalem Post---

In the diaspora, if the head of B’Nai Brith or another large organization would make ten percent of the fur flying comments that make up part of Israeli media gamesmanship, they would be axed or forced to beg on their knees for their jobs, but in Israel it seems to increase social capital. Most well-to-do Zionists  in the secular establishment lack any empathy with religious jews claims that the old arrangements, the peak being the less than democratic Oslo accords and roadmap to peace fiasco leading to expulsion in some cases, are in direct contradiction to the Torah and its intrinsic responsibilities to act in a manner that safeguards Jewish lives. The secular elite, and we are talking of 10-20 families controlling the country, or colony, seem to enjoy a luxury of power,  while staking out ground they are an oppressed, enlightened group forced into harsh, rebellious and subversive activities since they are dealing with wild and crazy orthodox rednecks ready to lynch them in an  roadside olive grove, instead of the condescending tokenism they practice as exemplary liberalism. At the heart of the ideology is the “land for peace” dynamic, the carrot being a trade liberalization with the state that would reinforce, extend and control the countries political and financial resources even more. And the hordes of the “great unwashed” know they are being scammed, which is painful when one goes back to see the level of Zionist complicity that was exposed, unintentionally, in the Eichmann trial testimony…

Jeff Jacoby: ( see link at end)…For 19 years Israel has clung to a policy of appeasement that has made it seem weak and irresolute — a policy that successive Israeli governments have justified by denigrating Jewish rights to the land, while playing up the Palestinian narrative. Ehud Barak infamously said in 1998 that if he had been a Palestinian, he might have joined a terrorist group, and that “there is legitimacy for a Palestinian to fight.” Were an American presidential hopeful to suggest that under other circumstances he could see himself becoming an al-Qaeda terrorist, his White House ambitions would instantly implode. But Barak’s remarks didn’t prevent him from becoming prime minister.

John Heartfield. Read More:

With its embrace of the peace process, “Israel stopped defending its own claim to the West Bank and Gaza and instead increasingly endorsed the Palestinian claim,” Israeli journalist Evelyn Gordon has written. “And with no competing narrative to challenge it any longer, the view of Israel as a thief, with all its attendant consequences, has gained unprecedented traction.”

Britain’s Neville Chamberlain abandoned his appeasement strategy once it became clear that Adolf Hitler had no intention of making peace. But Israel has gone on making concession after concession to those who seek its destruction, clinging against all logic to the fantasy of a “two-state solution.” Once, it was agreed by Israeli governments left and right that a Palestinian state would be intolerable; that there could be no negotiating with the PLO; that diluting Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem would be unthinkable….

---“We must stop this erosion and say, enough, we won’t let Barak carry out a creeping erosion of the settlements of Judea and Samaria,” Danon told Sunday night, at the end of a crowded assembly outside the homes of Ulpana Hill in Bet El, under the banner “The Likud Is With the Settlement Movement” (Ha’Likud im ha’hityashvut). MK Danon was one of a dozen or so Likud MKs and other dignitaries who arrived Sunday evening to show their support for continued and even expanded Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. Danon promised before Passover to pass legislation to correct the Migron issue, whereby the Israeli High Court had annulled a deal signed between the government and the settlers to prevent a forcible evacuation, and instead provide them with alternative housing on a nearby hill. “Last week the Knesset convened during its recess, to discuss these very issues,” Danon told “Migron was the beginning. It continued with Machpelah House, and now Bet El.”---Read More:

Yet in its desperate quest for peace, Israel backed away from each of those red lines. With each retreat, it lost respect. And all the while it reinforced a false and terrible message: Peace would be possible if only Israel were willing to give up more. The absence of peace, therefore, must be Israel’s fault.Read More:



But several legal experts over the years have pointed to the lack of international recognition of Jordan’s 1949 occupation of those same areas, which, essentially, meant that when those territories fell into Israeli hands in 1967, they had not been taken from their legitimate owner and therefore should not be considered occupied….

John Heartfield Collage---A mysterious pair of arson attacks over two consecutive nights at synagogues in different haredi neighborhoods of the capital have left police and local residents scratching their heads as to who could be behind the blazes, and what their motives might be. The topic drew a flurry of speculation from passers-by on Monday morning as they stopped to have a look at the charred black patch on the front door of Yeshivat HaRambam in Jerusalem’s Beit Yisrael neighborhood. The synagogue was damaged overnight Sunday, in the more recent of the two attacks.---Read More:

Harel Cohen, a representative of the residents of the Ulpana Hill neighborhood, who is also a spokesman for National Union MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh), told the Jewish Press he didn’t think Netanyahu and his ministers should fear the international court, saying that “the Jewish nation has been plagued by fears for 1900 years. In 1948 the nation has begun to be liberated from those fears.”…

---Paradoxically, they mention later that Kasztner "was too generous in vouching for some Nazi's after the war", and the UJS invites people to believe the absurd proposition that Kasztner's motivation for putting members of his own family, and "a selection of wealthy Jews" on the controversial train to Switzerland, was to signify to the rest of the 476,000 Hungarian Jews that the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann, was a "bona fide" man who could be trusted and this was the beginning of a "larger rescue operation". I bet that was what Zionist's like Kasztner told Hungary's Jews - Don't run ! Don't fight ! Don't worry ! They will be another train to Switzerland ! Eichmann is a good man - he can be trusted . . . Billington asked in his review, at what point "does pragmatic co-operation become collaboration ?". The play raises awkard questions about how far people should collaborate with evil to stay alive - a question which is as relevant today as it was during the struggle against fascism during the 1940's. Since there is documented, shocking evidence of Zionist collaboration with the SS in Hungary - from holocaust survivors themselves such as Dr Verba and Rabbi Weissmandel - this was always going to a controversial issue for any playwright such as Jim Allen to address, notwithstanding the attempts by Zionists to suppress the truth about something which actually happened in wartime Hungary, and to find out why only 1700 Jews were saved whilst almost 500,000 went to the gas chambers of Auschwitz.---Read More: image:

On the other hand, Cohen continued, “the demolition of 9000 populated housing units is, itself, a crime against Humanity—even if they’re ‘merely’ homes belonging to Jews—which is why the prime minister declared this is a decree that the public cannot sustain, and it will not come to be.” Read More:

In a recent Haaretz column, Gideon Levy, the radical leftist polemicist, sounded the warning that Israel’s religious Zionists—”the knitted skullcaps”—have joined hands with the ultra-Orthodox and the Sephardim to form “a united tribe of zealots.” Why have the ultra-Orthodox and the Sephardim formed this coalition? In Levy’s telling, both groups are responding to the history of discrimination they’ve suffered at the hands of the Zionist Left.

Like every piece of demagoguery, Levy’s is built on a kernel of truth: Sephardi and ultra-Orthodox Jews have, at various times and for various reasons, been discriminated against, both by the state and by what is conventionally called in Israel “the left-wing, Ashkenazi, secular elite.” This generalization is itself a little silly, but it’s a sufficient basis for Levy’s attack. The moral of Levy’s fanciful story is that as the Israeli Right is becoming “a united tribe of zealots” thanks to the discrimination of the Israeli Left, then across the board, from right to left, Israel has become—hold on to your hats—a racist, bigoted society!

Read More:,7340,L-4228689,00.html ---A group of kids playing in a deserted house in the old city of Safed was surprised to uncover an unexpected treasure of six Torah scrolls hidden under piles of sheets and blankets. The boys told their parents about their discovery, who called the police. After a short investigation, the police linked the stash to a reported theft from the Chabad "Tsemach Tsedek" synagogue, one week earlier. The books' worth is estimated at hundreds of thousands of shekels. ---

Alas, collectively smearing Israeli society isn’t Levy’s only game. By reducing the nationalism of Israeli Sephardim to a kind of “false consciousness” attributable to leftist discrimination, Levy (a German Jew) high-handedly dismisses the authentic, historically-rooted Jewish nationalism of the Sephardim—thus embodying the paternalistic racism he claims to deplore. He also misses the tensions that, at present, characterize relations between the Sephardi and ultra-Orthodox sectors of Israeli society. Ultimately, reality is far richer and more interesting than Levy’s simplistic anti-Zionist polemic.Read More:

Read More:
Israeli employers prefer not to hire Arabs, Ethiopians and Haredis – even those holding at least an undergraduate degree, according to a study published on Monday.

More than 83 percent of employers are repelled by the idea of hiring an Arab without a university degree, found the study conducted by the Kiryat Ono Academy.

Some 58 percent of managers prefer not to hire Haredic academics, and 53 percent of them would rather not hire Ethiopians, the report said.

The report elaborated that even if someone from the minority group actually gets hired, their chances of receiving a promotion are slim, despite qualifications and success rates.

Some 86 percent of the research participants said that they would rather not promote Haredic employees, 79 percent said that about Arabs, and 70 percent of them would rather not promote an Ethiopian worker.

Media and publicity are the most discriminating fields of work, according to the study, while legal offices and accountancy firms show an increasing tendency over the past few years to incorporate workers from minority ethnic groups.

Arabs and Ethiopians are hardly ever hired for positions in the stock exchange, the report claims, while Haredic employees that are accepted into the field are discriminated against.Read More:

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