free at last: chains across the great divide

Prime Minister Rabin went so far as to call the “loyalist” Jews in the West Bank settlements, “cry babies”. Hagai Amir, accused of conspiracy with his brother Yigal in the assassination of Rabin, has been released and the sixteen plus years of solitary seems to have only hardened the resolve. Obviously, to be proud to be a participant in a murder is an act of grand delusion. However, Hagai Amir is just a fragment in a wider struggle of the more diasporic jewish jews, immigrants, and Sephardic underclass against the prevailing state power, the enlightened secular vision of the elite where in most cases, Jewishness is viewed as an unfortunate birth defect. One feature of this ruling class remains stable: exclusion of the other from the inner circle of power.

---An Israeli settler group said it was reclaiming an area that was previously Jewish-owned (read more here), a position backed by an Israeli court that issued the eviction orders. Palestinians dispute the claim and note that Israeli authorities do not allow them to return to homes from which they fled or were forced to flee in the 1948 MIddle East war. The evicted families, according to our recent article, “are descendants of refugees who came to the area in 1956, according to the Israeli organisation Ir Amim, which monitors and opposes Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem.”---Read More:

The great division  in Israeli society is between two competing cultures based on two disparate conceptions of Jewish empowerment. No understanding of the relationship between religion and state can be comprehensive without fathoming these of  two cultures and the asymmetric relationship between them that began even before nationhood. Even if Yigal Amir was not a patsy as some have asserted, the fault line divide between the disenfranchised and colonized is fragmenting and the weight of the State against the “uppities” is becoming more marked. An intra-Jewish anti-semitism. Even Israelis need their Jews to kick around. In fact its a necessity, a “right” to them.

( see link at end) …Hagai Amir, sentenced to 16 years in prison for his part in the conspiracy to assassinate prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, will be released from prison in two weeks, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Monday.

---Activists from the far-left Meretz party held signs with the date of Rabin’s death accompanied by the words “Price Tag” and a picture of bleeding bullet holes. Amir’s brother, Amitai, wrote a message on his Facebook page condemning all those who protested his brother’s release. “Enough of hypocrites! You are disappearing. Without roots and without faith you shall wither like a leaf dry,” Amitai Amir wrote. “Paid his debt to society - not when it comes to the Amir brothers. Rule of law and a court - not when it comes to the Amir brothers. Human rights - not when it comes to the Amir brothers, but strength and faith always win in the end. This is our day of celebration.”---Read More:

…Amir, whose brother Yigal shot Rabin on November 4, 1995, has been kept in solitary confinement during his term behind bars. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and possession of a firearm, following the fatal shooting that took place after a peace rally in Tel Aviv .

The prison service parole committee has consistently refused to grant Amir an early release. According to Yedioth, two weeks ago he was offered the option of spending his remaining month in prison with the general population, but he refused. Amir, 43, who has never shown regret for the Rabin assassination, said he was worried that another prisoner might claim he was continuing to laud the assassination and thus complicate his release….

---Left-wing protesters demonstrate against the release of Hagai Amir, accomplice to the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, outside the Amir family home in Ramat Gan on Friday (photo credit: Yehoshua Yosef /Flash90)---Read More:

Yigal Amir, who is also being kept in solitary confinement, remains behind bars, sentenced to life imprisonment.Read More: a a

Many religious Jews abstained from Zionism on the grounds that it would not empower Jews but instead take away the power they already wielded. They were not incorrect in feeling that Zionism would supplant a traditional Jewish concept of cultural power with a political-military one adopted from the non-Jews who were oppressing them in the diaspora. Also,  Zionism would  not revitalize Jewish culture but instead act as a trans

point to it. A transfer from religion to the political secularism.

Two opposed attitudes toward Zionism. One emphasizing  more secular and concrete forms of power. Loyalty through participation in the economy and military complex. Contradicting this,  were those with a more limited engagement to the state, and the principal loyalty being to the religion, and Jewish people wherever they may be in which essentially, the traditions would be safeguarded.

---Shlomo (L), the father of Hagai Amir, who is the brother and key accomplice of the man who assassinated Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, walks past left-wing protesters objecting the release of his son outside Ayalon prison in Ramla near Tel Aviv on May 4, 2012. Amir was freed... JACK GUEZ, Getty Images---Read More:

These two groups have realized their respective predictions in an uncanny and somewhat ironical fashion. The Zionists have to some degree replaced traditional Jewish culture and identity with something non-Jewish and secular. They have “assimilated” in their own land. Yet, the more religious jews have also seen aspects of their culture  and identity revitalized  through facing the challenges and opportunities offered by the power of a secular state. They know that their diaspora conception of power is incompatible with nation building and its management, and, that their own efforts to raise their game, enter the public space, and assert themselves is threatening to established interests as there is some potential for them to be overthrown, that is not dissimilar to an apartheid situation in South Africa.


…Ever since the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, the nationalist camp has been blamed for countenancing the distribution of posters showing him in SS uniform, at a nationalist rally that preceded the murder. This was later considered a factor inciting his murder, despite the fact that the posters were discovered to have been handed out by Avishai Raviv, a man exposed as a Shin Bet agent and provocateur….Read More:

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