culture a go-go

by Art Chantry:

this is a photo by dennis hopper. the two people in the center of the grouping are toni basil and teri garr, two of LA’s hottest go-go dancers of the 60′s (they sort of invented the whole go-go style). the other woman and the guy in the tub are also famous, Anne Marshall and Bruce Connor…

toni basil was also a ‘member’ of the bohemain/beat arts circle around wallace berman in los angeles in the late 50′s/early 60′s referred to as “semina culture”. it was an amazing bunch of folks and extremely influential in avant guard circles. a major arts scene only now getting recognized. toni was part of that originally. later she became a noted choreographer and formed the dance troupe in the 70′s called ‘the lockers’. she was in hundreds of tv shows and movies. never mind her hit records from early girl group singles to the smash ‘mickey’. she has one hell of an amazing career.

the whole cultural tidal wave that came out of southern california and LA in particular were always ignored by the east coast academia – until now. there are amazing stories in the city of angels. far far more interesting than nyc for my money. more import in most respects, too. more influential in popular culture by far. whole needs NY? we got LA!
AC:my copy is called “semina culture: wallace berman & his circle.” by michael duncan and kristine mckenna. published by DAP/santa monica museum of art, 2005. it’s big thick coffee table size book. get it….

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