the ruler and his subjects: histrionics in the red zone

A disenchanted world. Feeding on these pariah relationships. Vampiring to keep it alive, until it loses its way in a lbyrinth, a maze of its own creation with the entrance and exists sealed off and blurred in the mists of time. A pact with the minotaur at its center; a complicity in the mundane chore of dull brutalizing and feeding on the fear. How to justify this lack of meaningful narrative , the disrupted momentum; what kind of stories did Sandusky tell himself in the attempt to fill the void with coherence, logic and significance. How to deal with anguished repudiation and repairing what cannot be even contemplated…

( see link at end) …Many defense witnesses — including Dottie, his wife of 46 years — painted Sandusky in glowing terms befitting a saint. Others questioned the motives of his accusers, particularly the ones known as Alleged Victim Nos. 1, 4 and 9. Two mental health experts, one for the defense and one for the prosecution, seemed to cancel each other out.

Larry Rivers. Read More:

…Sandusky’s character witnesses included more than a dozen old friends, former colleagues, fellow church members, ex-players and boys and girls he counseled through his nonprofit for at-risk kids, the Second Mile. They portrayed him as a football legend, role model and selfless do-gooder with a sterling reputation. For Sandusky, it was like homecoming weekend in the courtroom as he chatted, smiled and shook hands with people he has known for decades.

They included Lance Mehl, an All-America linebacker at Penn State who went on to play for the New York Jets and works now as a probation officer in Ohio. His testimony was typical: “We all looked up to him,” Mehl testified in a booming voice. “He is a class act.” Read More:

There seems to be a connection with Sandusky and the Austrian monster Joseph Fritzl. Both used their power to enforce weird dreams. All the discipline rituals that football permits making it almost ridiculously theatrical. That, mated with these public images where there acts mask an opposite, split off side of their personality, that of the soft and gentle hearted in a protective role, that had to be realized in a private space. Like the Nazis with their burning of “degenerate art” which was a split off side of their ideology. The Fritzl and Sandusky cases both fall within the context of modernism, where “serenity” is no longer possible; and truth, if it can be seen, even a quick glimpse into the void, is, invariably agitated and tormented, like the minotaur ripping apart his victims, a ruination of pure nihilistic frenzy eventually drowing itself in delusions of the unconscious until it finally collapses and dissolves….

—Larry Rivers
Bronx born Yitzroch Grossberg,
Jazz musician, father of three, filmmaker and painter,
writer Frank O’Hara’s lover…
The story of artist Larry Rivers is quite a controversial and interesting one. Read More:

( see link at end) …In the last years of the Communist regime in Romania, Nicolae Ceaucescu was asked by a foreign journalist how does he justify the constraints on foreign travel imposed to Romanian citizens – is this not a violation of their human rights? Ceaucescu answered that these constraints are here to protect an even higher and more important human right, the right to have a safe home, which would have been threatened by too much free travel… was he not reasoning here like Fritzl, who also protected his children’s “more fundamental” rights to a safe home, where they will be protected from the dangers of the outside world? …

—-In 1955, the Swiss photographer Robert Frank traveled throughout the United States by car and returned with a bleak portrait of what the American road had to offer. As Kerouac writes in his introduction, Frank’s photographs had “sucked a sad, sweet, poem out of America,” a sadness found in the forlorn looks of dime store waitresses, funeral attendees, and human faces rendered unrecognizable in the glare of jukeboxes. The slightly offset angles and the blurred focus of many of the photographs suggest the nervousness and dislocation of the people they capture. Frank dispels any romantic notions of the lingering pioneer spirit of America by presenting a landscape of people and places absent of hope and promise. (From

…Or, to use Peter Sloterdijk’s terms, Fritzl protected his children’s rights to live in a safe self-enclosed sphere – while, of course, reserving to himself the right to transgress the barrier all the time, up to visiting the Thai sex tourist places, the very embodiment of the danger he wanted his children protected from. Remember that Ceaucescu also perceived himself as a caring paternal authority, the father protecting his nation from the foreign decadence – as in all authoritarian regimes, the basic relationship between the ruler and his subject was also the one of unconditional love. Read More:


Allen Ginsberg:

…The belly of his Bacchus, a sixteen-year youth

Whose prick stands up he’s drunk, his eyes gaze side-

Ways to his right hand held up shoulder high

Waving a cup of grape, smart kid, his nose is sharp,

His lips are new, slightly opened as if parted to take a sip of purple nakedness,

Taste Michelangelo’s mortal-bearded kiss,

Or if a hair-hooved horny Satyr happens to pass

Fall to the ground on his strong little marble ass.

Michelangelo loved him! What young stud

Stood without trousers or shirt, maybe even did

What the creator wanted him to in bed

Lay still with the sculptor’s hand cupped on his head

Feeling up his muscles, feeling down his bones

Palm down his back and thighs, touching his soft stones —

What kind of men were the Slaves he tied to his bed?

And who stood still for David naked foot to head?

But men love the muscles of David’s abdomen

And come with their women to see him again and again.

Enough, I’ve stayed up all night with these boys

And all my life enjoyed their handsome joys

I came with many companions to this Dawn

Now I am tired and must set my pen down

Reader, Hearer, this time Understand

How kind it is for man to love a man,

Old love and Present, future love the same

Hear and Read what love is without shame.

I want people to understand! They can! They can! They can!

So open your ears and hear the voice of the classical Band.

October 26, 1981
Allen Ginsberg “Old Love Story”,
White Shroud, Harper and Row, 1986.

Fred Herzog photograph. 1960. Vancouver. Read More:

…She found the boy known as No. 1 to be “very clingy to Jerry” and said he once ran across the room and jumped in her husband’s lap. Another time, at a wrestling meet, he hugged her husband. “He would never look anybody in they eye,” she added.

The defense also chipped away at the credibility and motives of No. 1 and his family by calling his mother and a former neighbor to the stand. The mother denied saying the case would make her wealthy, but the neighbor, Josh Frevel, testified that after her son claimed he had been sexually abused by Sandusky, she said, “I’ll own his house.”

He added, “She said, ‘When this settles out, she’ll have a nice big house in the country, with a fence, and the dogs can run free.’ ”

As for her son, Fravel quoted him as saying, “When this is over, I’ll have a nice new Jeep.” Read More:

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