whole in the soul or a-hole in the journalist?

This kind of shilling for the ruling secular elite in Israel, exemplified politically now through the mouths, of babes, like Yair Lapid sees it mediatic counterpart on the print side with Yossi Sarid, a real hate monger by any objective measure. His recent broadside against religious Jews “invading” the tony, lilly white neighborhood of RamatAviv is just another case in point that confirms secular society’s increasingly worrisome position vis a vis the religious jews who demographically now account for one third of all school age children. No one wants to be in the middle, the social fermentation meaning swinging to the deep Left of secular state power, or towards religious, traditional, back to the roots Judaism based in the Diaspora but now appropriating what had been a discarded Zionism of the elite and re-emancipating it into what may be a revolutionary new form. The middle is definitely not holding anymore. it is a new dynamic; the pattern of rather tame criticism originating outside the circles of power from the uppity and unwashed jewish identifiers as opposed to post-jews, new caananites and whatever academia can fit into the eye head of a needle through a camel’s arse.  In any even it is seen as incitement, proof that judaism is incompatible with democracy and subversion tantamount to anarchism that would undermine the democratic structure that has been built up, thus casting the establishment as fearsome fighter of liberty undergoing a Davy Crockett at the Alamo scenario. Such are the frustrations of “civilizing” those who have avoided or refuse to internalize secular Zionist orthodoxy; they then are subject to the secular version of the “price tag policy”.

Yossi Sarid’s main thrust, is an elaboration of the Hitchens doctrine:   extremists are installing doctrine taught in jewish tradition. From this to a generalized view on the treatment of women, and in general a careful use of altering contexts to make a case that the religious who adhere to the law, the Torah, are misguided and to be blamed. Crudely, it means flaw in the religion is evident and all who follow are grouped together behind the same barbed-wire fence and striped pyjamas.


—Yet Interior Minister Eli Yishai still believes that this is just the first step. “As for the Eritrean citizens, I haven’t given up yet,” he said Sunday in an interview with Ynet. “I met with the Eritrean ambassador to Israel who told me of the situation there, and the situation there is good. Security wise, it is no more dangerous than Sderot.”—Read More:http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4240666,00.html

( see link at end) ….Yossi Sarid: The ultra-Orthodox have not seen such good days since some of them returned from the ashram and their vipassana meditation. After their minds weakened there, they are now growing stronger here.

Even Ms. Hannah – a mother of seven – did not have to work hard on the eve of the Sabbath because she was fed by a catering service from Bnei Brak on Shabbat, with the rest of her colleagues. This is self-sacrifice, and the payment for it is $500 in an envelope for every family and all the cholent you can eat….

—The left hounded the Haredim as it never hounded the national religious camp. Settlers who invaded Palestinian neighborhoods in the territories and Arab neighborhoods in Israel never experienced ugly persecution and denunciations of the kind endured by Haredim who “invaded” Ramat Aviv. Settlers who shot children in the territories were never condemned the way Haredim who open Chabad kindergartens in Tel Aviv are. Those who torched Palestinian fields and burned down mosques were treated more forgivingly than Haredi men who urged residents of secular neighborhoods to pray.—Read More:http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/the-left-has-always-persecuted-orthodox-jews-1.371878 image:http://jacobslinger.yehudim.me/

…The detainees only had one complaint: “A few cockroaches were crawling around the room.” But they were easily exterminated. So perish all Thine enemies, O Lord, first and foremost the drugged judges of the High Court of Justice. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef will be sure to take care of them. True, he does not have a clue what is happening in this world and in the hell of his family and party, but he, the genius, is well-versed in the rules of heaven and the next world.

The past few days have revealed the thoughts of Shas’ leaders, which during the rest of the year are hidden under the brims of their hats. Eli Yishai wants Agudat Yisrael’s institutes of learning to make the Sephardi children as pale as Ashkenazim. And Ovadia wants to be really big, like a Lithuanian rabbi. And what’s left of the former glory? The embroidered robe of our master, though the soul has departed. Read More:http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/a-hole-in-the-soul-1.298215


—An arrested Israeli settler tries to retrieve a document from a pile of Jewish religious books in front of a synagogue at th

wish West Tapuach outpost near the West Bank city of Nablus, January 20, 2004. Jewish settlers tried to block hundreds of Israeli soldiers sent to demolish a makeshift synagogue at a settlement outpost on Tuesday, witnesses said. REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen This always kills me: “witnesses said” – the photographer wasn’t there? —Read More:http://www.zioneocon.blogspot.ca/2004_01_18_archive.html

…First prosecute Yossi Sarid and his mates who protested against renting or selling homes to Jews in the Shimon Hatzaddik neighberhood in Jerusalem! Even though that area was clearly Jewish till the arab massacres in 1929, in fact many many doors still have the dent for placing of the mezuzah yet they dared protest against Jews living there! No one is prosecuting them because racism against Jews is government sanctioned! Is this the democracy you are trying to create, that disadvantages the rights of Jews? In all the world Jews can live and buy homes except in Israel! Only there a Jew cannot live anywhere he wants!? Why don’t these enlightend Proffessors etc’ who are not at all racist (except against religious Jews like the protests against the chabad yeshiva in Ramat Aviv) let’s see them invite some Sudanese Africain immigrants to thier nighbourhoods! They are Hyppocrates! Read More:http://www.ynetnews.com/Ext/App/TalkBack/CdaViewOpenTalkBack/0,11382,L-4007502,00.html….

—First they spread to Ramat Aviv and now they are in our neighborhood too, hunting for lost souls and tying them to the tefillin. Chabad is the most nationalist cult, the most messianic, the most missionary.
But traditionalist celebrities who recite the Kiddush and kiss the mezuzah open the door to it. Had the mezuzah not been affixed to the top right-hand side of the door, the model might have mistakenly thought it was a makeup vial, and the football coach might have blown into it, thinking it was a whistle. That is – until their children fall into the pit of “a little bit of Yiddishkeit.”—Read More:http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/a-hole-in-the-soul-1.298215 image:http://om911.com/the-celebration-of-purim.html

…The rabbi said that the reason why he refuses to show up for police interrogation is that the police do nothing about Arabs and leftists openly calling for Arabs not to rent or sell property to Jews. If that’s OK, why is it not OK when a rabbi does it. Where’s equality in front of the law? Or are Arabs and leftists exempt from discriminatory language and practices? So, some rabbis say Jews should not rent to Arabs. What about the uniform Arab policy of not renting to Jews? ( ibid.)

—Israel Defense Force general Ariel Sharon was mourning the death of his son Gur, who was killed in a gun accident a short time after the Six Day War. The Rebbe sent a group of his emissaries to bring a letter to Sharon along with a new pair of tefillin. In his heartfelt letter the Rebbe writes: “Another factor that motivated me to write this letter is the tremendous inspiration that you aroused in the hearts of many of our Jewish brethren when you put on tefillin at the Western Wall… Read More:http://www.chabad.org/multimedia/timeline_cdo/aid/514851/jewish/Tefillin-for-Sharon.htm

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