peggy the pistol and varia

by Art Chantry:

i’ve never heard of this thing’s existence before. anybody out there have it? what’s it sound like????? what’s it look like????

Babbs says (TC vol. 1) this was not an acid test but a studio recording intended to recreate on for listeners. According to Ihor Slabicky, an LP was issued called the Acid Test: A Sound City Production – Ken Kesey and others ( ) From the front cover: “Shortly before he disappeared into limbo, or even Mexico Novelist Ken Kesey and his “trips” buddies recorded an album at Sound City Recorders on Sixth ST. What makes this an item possible, is that Ken et al were high on LSD at the time, and kept getting higher as the recording progressed. The album is titled “the Acid Test” -Kesey’s idea-and will be priced at $5.95. In fact, the only thing ordinary about this record is that the wole’s in the middle…” (Herb Caen). The recording was made at the San Francisco State College “Acid Test” of October 1 to 2, 1966. It includes the Grateful Dead playing in background as Ken Kesey and other talk about various things. The tracks are: (side one) Ken Kesey interviewed by Frank Frey; Ken Babbs and Harmonica; Take Two – Ken Kesey; Bull; Peggy The Pistol; (side two) One Way Ticket (a classic!); Bells & Fairies; Levitation; Trip “X”; The End. Printed on the label is: “The Acid Test – a sound city production – as photographed and shown in “Look” magazine – Recorded from 14 hours of the actual Trip.” On the cover is a small photo of Jerry Garcia, playing guitar in studio, while Ken Kesey is on the microphone. The album had only a black and white cover pasted on the front, and no back cover.” It was reproduced here as of 7/31/08: …. A copy was being offered in July 2008 in London for 500 pounds….

AC:that seems to be the deal, all right. amazing this thing never got re-issued out there. i guess people don’t know it exists. dead heads would kill for it….

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