on the roll

by Art Chantry:

jack kerouac writing “on the road” on a roll of restroom paper towels (supposedly done in one sitting.)


…actually, if you’ve ever seen early restroom paper towel material from that era, it has a cheezy “tracing paper’ sort of sheen/feel to it (like military toilet paper). so, “archivists” could easily make the “mistake” of thinking it was actually tracing paper (maybe intentionally). the book apparently took several rolls of the paper (taped together) to complete. it’s referred to as (i think) “the scroll”….in all honesty, i think it looks staged…but, until i know where it came from – it stays an open question.

…personally, i SO enjoy the idea that kerouac ran a roll of “toilet paper” through his typewriter and slammed the thing out in one marathon sitting and find it SO appealing that i would rather believe the myth. beyond that, who really gives a shit anyway? “scholars”? make me laff…

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