red necked or stiff necked

Of course its idiotic. So over the top dog-gonned stupid that it makes no sense. But as P.T. Barnum said, never underestimate the intelligence of the ( Israeli) public. Good to rattle a few secular feathers. Maybe squeeze a feature out of those Kosher bacteria hunters like Yossi Sarid and Gideon Levy. The idea is that you say the outrageous, borrow pages scattered from the Iranian song and dance book to the nature of an idea of a peaceful afternoon is watching yid’s heads bobble in the Sea of Gallilee, and then let the kosher krap hit the fan and see what sticks and stinks. It always works; a good laugh from the peanut gallery.

—In 1980, Elizabeth Taylor, a great admirer of Simon Wiesenthal, agreed to narrate the Simon Wiesenthal’s Center first documentary feature, “Genocide: The Story of the Holocaust,” along with Orson Welles, which later won the Academy Award. At a dinner in her honor that year, she became the first recipient of the Wiesenthal Center’s Humanitarian Award. For that occasion, she asked me to work with her on her acceptance speech. When she told me what she wanted to say, it became clear to me that she felt a great empathy for a people that had contributed so much to mankind and yet were the victims of such inhumanity. —Read More:

( see link at end) …A leading nationalist-Zionist rabbi has written a treatise claiming that home is a women’s place, and “not the domain of social activity,” thus reflecting further radicalization among religious Zionists.

Rabbi Zvi Tau, president of Har Hamor Yeshiva and a leader of the more extreme orthodox trend among the national-Zionist public, wrote the treatise for internal use. The leaflet promotes the opinion that too much education for women would “harm the quality of life of the nation.”

Austria-born Tau was for many years a student of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, and one of the heads of the Merkaz Harav, religious-Zionism’s most prestigious yeshiva. In 1997 he turned his back on the yeshiva and created the Har Hamor yeshiva, but is still considered one of the leading rabbis of the movement and a notable supporter of the concept of nationalism, which considers the state of Israel holy and opposes refusal to follow orders in the IDF.

—Tau supported former President Moshe Katsav when he was accused of rape, urging him not to resign his office.
He showed no empathy or sympathy for Katsav’s victims then or even after the trial that convicted Katsav, who lost his appeals and is now imprisoned in the yeshiva wing of an Israeli prison.—Read More: image: Arutz7

Tau publicly supported former President Moshe Katzav, who was imprisoned for rape, and called on him, at the time, to refuse to resign.

Two months ago Tau wrote, for internal use, a treatise called “who created me as he willed,” a quote from the prayer said by women every morning dealing with the proper place of women according to the Torah. Tau’s position is radical, often more than orthodox concepts….

—Despite pleas from her father Silvio Anthony Ciccone to return to the United States, Madonna is taking a “Papa, don’t preach” stand, and told Shalom Life that, “It’s always been my dream to one day put down roots in Israel. I can’t tell you how much nachas I get just being in this electric place. And, I won’t miss the schlep of traffic in the States anymore.”
Madonna reportedly has a number of “high-end” real estate brokers on the prowl, trying to find the perfect secluded property worthy of a star of her magnitude. She has also been spotted at a number of Jewish schools where she plans on sending her children once they’ve made the move to the Middle East.
Discussing the reason for her decision to make Israel her new home, Madonna points at a young 20-something IDF solider in uniform and says, “That’s reason no.1. This country is filled with young, gorgeous boys in uniform. Israel for me is like a buffet for a fat kid.”
Perhaps another reason is Madonna’s devotion to Kabbalah while she was pregnant in the mid-’90s, and has studied it ever since.—Read More:

…Tau writes that men and women have different roles. Indeed,it seems that the woman is discriminated against but it isn’t so, he writes. Women, according to Tau, have more emotional power, while men are more cerebral. This division is needed because of the world’s limitations, since it is unable to contain full realization of both emotion and mind. Women, due to nature’s needs, were not meant to occupy themselves with “the depths of science and morals,” but rather with carrying, giving birth to, feeding and raising children. Rabbi Tau claims that this is woman’s “natural vocation, and God created within her the necessary talents and an inner orientation for these issues,” which negate the possibility of “commiting oneself to the depths of science.”

…Tau continues to explain that children bo

o couples including women who devote themselves to their career will be “weak and flaccid.” Read More:

The case of the honorable Rabbi in supporting the president, Katsav is more nuanced. Katsav, as Steven Plaut has pointed out, was indeed almost pathological in his pursuit of women, a serious adulterer. Still, he was crucified by the Left after a close election win over Shimon Peres, who apparently has also had an active little head leading the larger head, life of adventure and misadventure as well. It was Katsav who initiated proceedings by claiming he was being extorted; apparently “A” wanted a car and a few trinkets and there was even the question of near seventy year old Katsav being capable of rape, though inappropriate sexual advances were not denied. All in all, an injustice to a man tried in the media and whisked off to do hard time. Tau is clearly out of his time; the world changed and is still connected to the Torah and you cannot rupture the two, but this whole episode which will bring more notoriety is but a free elbow at the Left press from this incongruous strain of militant religious Zionism that previously had no precedent. It’s hard to believe his wife is confined to bedroom and kitchen only; a kosher  caricature out of Semiotics of the kitchen.

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