trading marks

by Art Chantry:

this is for all you borks out there who think this stuff is so easy.hand or computer – principles still the same. it’s extremely difficult to do WELL. don’t fool yourself.


…in them olden daze of yore – sign painters were the graphic designers who actually executed the artwork. this was before technology turned everybody into really bad sign painters, too. (and writers. and photographers. and illustrators. and typographers. and copyeditors. and production artists. and critics. and political pundits. and musicians. and poets. and artists. and record companies. and etc. etc. etc. etc.) … i still try to draw something like this every once in a while. i quickly find out that 40+ years of doing this stuff by hand in no way prepares you to do this stuff by hand. computer people are virtually blind compared to my experience. and i still can’t do it….

… many many famous “fine” artists started out as sign painters. if you go back in time, you’ll find that most ‘fine’ artists also did “commercial art’ to make ends meet (academia likes to call these people “renaissance men”). however, they didn’t often do very well at “commercial art” because they weren’t very good at it. so, they drifted into ‘fine” art, which is much easier. no clients needed. no skill necessary. no commerce intended. just “follow your muse…”

… islamic art is about pattern and detail. since they aren’t allowed to depict the human form, or mohammed, or god, or nature, or much of anything else, they concentrate on what they are ‘allowed’ to paint – detail and pattern and form. but, always with a mistake or six tossed in. you see, they aren’t allowed to do “perfect” art, either….

… it goes back to da vinci. and to cavemen. think on it a little and you’ll understand. ignore what those textbooks tell you except as ‘intro’. look and think….

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