anemic relief

by Art Chantry:

in 1926 , marcel duchamp made a short film using his invention/creation of roto-reliefs. he called this film “anemic cinema”. i have no idea what sort of soundtrack it original had (i assume maddening), but this music added here really doesn’t work very well. if you view this, i suggest you either turn off the sound and watch it in silence, or supply your own favorite music at random…

—In 1935, Duchamp published 12 Rotoreliefs, which relate to the previous object ┬╗Rotary Demisphere┬ź from 1925 and which illustrate the prinicple of rotary movement in an animated loop and stand for his interest in optics and motion. The application realised here transposes this principle by allowing to adjust the speed of rotation which in turn visualizes the different effects that can be achieved.
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