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Wake up call. Nothing to do next weekend? …. Turn on the BBQ and try to reheat the old narrative. Recycle the fiery rhetoric of Nasser that the Jews are weak and pathetic, a quick massacre, divine violence with a mimimim of fuss and worry. We are at a time when the old pioneer narratives and independence struggles are gathering dust, its post-Zionism which can promote a radical re-thinking of the entire Zionist project whether from a Norman Finkelstein, Anna Baltzer the Mondoweiss squad, and an array of others looking for a bit of sun tan in the spotlight. There ideologies are basically reformist in trying to make jews safer globally and in the Holy Land; few ever question or advocate simply packing up the tents and finding another welcoming campground. Or blowing the entire piece of real estate up in an apocalypse style finale to the messianic dream. Henry Kissinger was quoted  by Cindy Adams, the gossip specialist of the New York Post of saying that israel has only ten years left to survive, leaving many dancing like fiddlers on the roof with joy. But why wait? Listen to the Sheikh and get a jump on the crowds! …

(see link at end)…AFP – The supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi emanated, called on Thursday for a jihad (holy war) to liberate Jerusalem from Israeli rule.

“Jerusalem is Islamic … and nobody is entitled to make concessions” on the Holy City, said Sheikh Mohammed Badie in his weekly message to supporters.

“The jihad for the recovery of Jerusalem is a duty for all Muslims,” he said, stressing that the liberation of the Holy City “will not be done through negotiations or at the United Nations.”…

—Arab Legion soldier standing guard in the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem. June 1948. John Phillips.—After 13 days of shelling (which killed or injured hundeds of civilians) and hand-to-hand fighting, “the exhausted Jewish garrision in the Old City of Jerusalem accepted the Arab Legion’s surrender terms.”
On Friday afternoon “290 able-bodied men from 15 to 50 were taken prisoner and 1,200 women, children and aged were passed to the Jewish lines outside the walls with the cooperation of the U.N. representative and the Red Cross….the evacuation of civlians through Zion gate began on Friday evening and lasted until 2 o’clock on Saturday morning.” Fifty-one of the captives were injured; three physicans and four nurses volunteerd to stay with them.—Read More:http://benatlas.com/2009/07/life-in-israel-in-1948-part-1/

Israel, which signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, has watched with concern as Islamists were catapulted to the forefront of politics following a popular uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak last year.

Morsi has repeatedly said he would respect international treaties signed by Cairo. But his former movement has also said there is room to revise the accords, without objecting to them in principle. Read More:http://www.france24.com/en/20121011-egypts-brotherhood-heads-urged-jihad-jerusalem

—Jewish people attempting to leave portion of city surrendered to Arab forces. Jerusalem, Israel. June 1948. John Phillips—Read More:http://benatlas.com/2009/07/life-in-israel-in-1948-part-1/

The post Zionist perspective tends to assert that Israel is not going to vanish.  That Israel has enough weaponry and Nukes to destroy the continent and the world in a worst case Samson scenario. Realistically, It would be a tough sled to defeat Israel militarily.  But according to Benny Morris in Haaretz, the surrounding Arabs don’t want peace, they want

yids out and peace is peace of mind to see jewish heads bobbing like shark bait in the Mediterranean. … But,  If there is no two-state solution, there will be a one-state solution, which holds great risk is denying citizenship rights to Arabs living under military occupation meaning one-state as a form of apartheid…


“Why do you want to throw the Jews into the sea?”


“Colonization and Zionism combined to dispossess the inhabitants and establish a State founded on religion. How is it possible to accept the status quo when the Arabs were expelled, their property plundered and their women and children murdered?…Peace must be based on justice. The problem will not come to an end until justice is done. The Arabs fought the Crusaders, the Arabs have lived in the region for thousands of years…” (Egyptian Gazette, October 10, 1963)

Source: Harkabi, Y. Arab Attitudes To Israel, Trans. By Misha Louvish, New York: Hart Pub. Co., 1972, p. 35. Read More:http://cojs.org/cojswiki/Quotes_by_Gamal_Abdel_Nasser,_1954-1967.

—A cartoon published in Lebanese newspaper Al-Farida just before the June 1967 Six-Day War depicts Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser kicking a Jew off a cliff (and presumably into the sea, as he promised to do to the Jews of Israel in his speeches at the time). Egypt is supported by the armies of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.—Read More:http://fighthatred.com/anti-semitic-cartoons/historic-cartoons/603-nasser-kicking-the-jews-into-the-sea

…(see link at end)…“The decades of studying the conflict, which led to nine books, left me with a feeling of deep despair. I’ve done all I can,” he says. “I’ve written enough about a conflict that has no solution, mainly due to the Palestinians’ consistent rejection of a solution of two states for two peoples.”… “My aim is to open readers’ eyes to the truth. The objective is to expose the goals of the Palestinian national movement to extinguish the Jewish national project and to inherit all of Palestine for the Arabs and Islam.”…

…“The Zionist movement started out calling for the establishment of a Jewish state on all the territory of the Land of Israel, but from 1937 on, its leaders gradually abandoned the claim of ‘it’s all mine’ and adhered to the ambition to form a sovereign Jewish state in part of the territory of the Land of Israel. Thus it changed its approach and consented to territorial compromise: that is, to the idea of two states for two peoples, a decision that derived in part from the logic of dividing the land between the two peoples living in it.”

Hands resting on a wooden table, Morris cites venom-filled quotes from the Palestinian National Charter, the Fatah constitution and the Hamas charter. He asserts that, unlike the Zionists, since its inception the Palestinian national movement has never retreated from its demand to establish a single state in the disputed territory.

“The Palestinian national movement has remained unchanged, throughout the different periods of the struggle, whether under the leadership of Hajj Amin al-Husayni or his successor, Yasser Arafat,” says Morris with near-palpable disgust. “It did not even change during the years of the Oslo process. In the end, both sides of the Palestinian movement − the fundamentalists led by Hamas and the secular bloc led by Fatah − are interested in Muslim rule over all of Palestine, with no Jewish state and no partition.”…

… Since the first intifada in 1988, about two-thirds of Israelis support territorial compromise. The Palestinians, no. They have consistently − even if outwardly they seemed ready for compromise − never accepted the legitimacy and the claims of the Zionists. The Palestinian movement doesn’t care about Jewish history. They deny the connection between the Jews and the Land of Israel. The Jewish narrative is completely foreign to them.”

You write in the book that the Palestinians’ basic claim is that the land belongs to the original inhabitants who were here before 1882. In other words, before the first aliyah. For this reason, they view the Jews as thieves with whom there can be no compromise. But some would say you are describing a monolithic Palestinian voice, as if all Palestinians are radical Islamists.

“It’s true there’s a difference between the extremists, who say directly that they want to wipe out the State of Israel, and the secular nationalists, who outwardly say they’re ready for a compromise accord. But actually, both of them, if you read their words very carefully, want all of Palestine. The secular leaders − if you can call them that − like Yasser Arafat and President Mahmoud Abbas, are not prepared to accept a formula of two states for two peoples. So as not to scare the goyim, they project a vagueness about it, but they think in terms of expulsion and elimination.”…Read More:http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/magazine/benny-morris-on-why-he-s-written-his-last-word-on-the-israel-arab-conflict.premium-1.465869



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