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Coincidence with IKEA in Saudi Arabia? This oh so politically correct company that embraces such a high minded, secular view of nature. The whole corporate projected image seems much like a Heidegger model of hiding the fascism and the pure greedy money making within the fabric and protected wetlands of the green movement, the sort of deep ecology connection that is much of the burnished prestige of Heidegger; all the more insidious since with IKEA the corporate fascism is constructed on this platform – assemble it yourself- of environmental existentialism instead of a purely biological basis meaning the club can be opened to those elite genes held by the franchisor in distant lands, out of step with even the basics of mutual respect and complicity. Heidegger’s line can be transformed into some new IKEA program where his expression “the fatherland is being itself” can be tailored to each regional market. In designer colors. Use your coupons. The IKEA meme, without assembly instructions:

( see link at end) ….IKEA received a lot of bad press around the world earlier this week after it came to light that the company had Photoshopped women out of its Saudia Arabian catalog. The company has since apologized, but the Internet isn’t planning to let the story die down without poking some fun at IKEA’s expense. A new photo meme has been spawned in the wake of this controversy, called I(KEA) Got 99 Problems but a B**CH Aint One! (a reference to the chorus of Jay-Z’s song 99 Problems). It involves taking well-known photographs and replacing the women in them with IKEA products.

—The cast of HBO’s Sex and the City are thankfully replaced with some classic Ikea floor lamps. Picture: http://ikeafiles.tumblr.com/—

IKEA’s self-censorship is actually a step up tech-wise from what’s commonly done by Saudi authorities: using a black marker to cover up skin. Perhaps IKEA was trying to keep black markers from tarnishing the pristine — sometimes computer-generated — look of its product catalog, but the Internet won’t have any of that on its watch.
Read more at http://www.petapixel.com/2012/10/04/ikea-catalog-photoshop-controversy-spawns-new-internet-photo-meme/#hWWlPVZQyZYDPbVL.99

Read More:http://www.slrlounge.com/ikea-controversy-sparks-new-hilarious-internet-meme

Read more at http://www.petapixel.com/2012/10/04/ikea-catalog-photoshop-controversy-spawns-new-internet-photo-meme/#hWWlPVZQyZYDPbVL.99


(see link at end)…Pre-fabricated, self-assembled furniture may not be the average European’s definition of luxury, but to a certain class in Saudi the company has a prestige that suggests that not only are you rich, but that you have enough money to confidently eschew the tastes of the traditionalists and the nouveau riche. It suggests both exposure to the outside world and a comfort with wealth.

Naturally, most Saudi Arabian people don’t assemble the furniture themselves. A whole sideline in Ikea furniture assembly has mushroomed, adding more cost to the purchases and rendering the cheapness of the goods almost entirely pointless. At the other end of the income spectrum, the brand is sufficiently pricey to also be high-status for white-collar expats who opt for Ikea’s wares over the cheaper locally made furniture displayed in the street markets, the usual option for poorer Saudis and blue-collar expat workers.

There is also a more political aspect. In a region sensitive and relatively resistant to foreign influences, Sweden is seen as one of the more innocuous of western countries. When Ikea opened a new store in Jeddah in 2004, the ensuing stampede left three dead. Marks and Spencer’s reception in Riyadh around the same time was a much cooler affair. The store was even on a list of companies that consumers were told to boycott due to their perceived associations with imperialism, the US and Israel. McDonald’s and Coca-Cola were also on the list.

>This is by no means the first incident of “deleting women from society” in the kingdom. As technology has advanced, it has become easier to airbrush offensive images of women in long-sleeved pyjamas cleaning their teeth….Read More:http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/02/no-women-saudi-arabian-ikea

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