land’s end

by Art Chantry:

the coolest, most mindblowing technology ever introduced COLD into popular culture. the SX-70 camera by dr. edwin land re-wrote photographic technology. he re-configured optics forever and then re-invented printing technology to boot (instantly developing snapshots while you watch and wait!) to make this magic totem device that folds (collapses, really) into a little flat thing that fits in your pocket (well,a big pocket, anyway).


this thing was the most amazing device ever invented for general consumer use (up until the i-phone.) now, it seems like no big deal. but, this was total science fiction technology when it hit the market. cheap, too. anybody could buy one.

now you can find them in the goodwill for a buck. can’t even buy film for them any more. and edwin land is dead. so it goes.

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