boswell: hebride divinity

The adventures of James Boswell and Dr. Samuel Johnson on their tour of the Scottish Highlands; the wilds and the barbarous collide in the Hebrides As Boswell suggested to Johnson, “we might there contemplate a system of life almost totally different from what we have become accustomed to see.”…

Sailing Among the Hebrides from ‘Picturesque Beauties of Boswell, Part the First’, etched by Thomas Rowlandson, 1786
Samuel Collings—Read More:

Caught in a storm at sea, Boswell tugs on a rope at the bidding of a Hebridean who hoped the useless occupation would distract the terrified Boswell. Adding to Boswell’s fright was that, while praying to God for help,”I was disturbed by the objections against a particular providence and against hoping that the petitions of an individual would have any influence with the Divinity…but Dr. Ogden’s excellent doctrine on the efficacy of intercession prevailed.” Dr. Johnson lay below in “philosophic tranquility.”

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