poetics of pegasus

by Art Chantry:

just for fun, i thought i’d show all of you this. it’s the cover of the newest “Poetry” magazine. it’s their 100th anniversary year this year (not bad!). to celebrate the centennial, they asked a dozen “famous” graphic designers to do an image of their logo/mascot of pegasus (one for each month of the year). for some reason they asked me, too. since all the other folks were doing beautiful elegant and clever b&w images of a flying pegasus done up in calligraphy, abstractions and other cool gorgeous styles, i thought i’d go against the grain and do a ‘postmodern’ punk pegasus as a sort of contrast to the rest. they loved it! this is how it turned out. i literally stapled this together and xeroxed it to make the image. looks cool! thanks poetry magazine! you rock!

—AC:it’s an illustration of the logo. they use an image of pegasus – have used it for 100 years. it’s been drawn by dozens and dozens of artists over time, too. guys like milton glaser and james thurber. now, me. heh.—

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