time running in random disorder: lamp lighters

…The possibility then is that if time runs differently in other parts of uor universe, “mind stuff” may not be exempt from its vagaries; time may switch direction in the mind just as it may for positrons and black holes. Fitful episodes of precognition may be the result. What might have happened to an astronaut’s precognitive faculties if he strayed into one of those amazing black holes would be the ideal raw material for a Stanley Kubrick projection, may helas…

—I will never forget the first instance of psychokinetic poltergeist activity involving Jon and I. we were washing dishes and I had been talking about an ongoing problem we were having with one of the neighbors at the time. I was holding a glass coffee carafe by its plastic handle when all of a sudden, the carafe burst into a gazillion pieces into the sink and all over the kitchen floor. Ironically, neither one of us were injured. Actually, in retrospect, nobody in my life has ever received any real physical harm and it is seldom that anyone ever does during a poltergeist attack. Many if not most of my clients who have experienced poltergeist phenomena have never been harmed. It is mainly seen in the movies for dramatic flair.
So far, I have given you examples of psychokinetic Type I Poltergeist activities. Type II Poltergeist phenomena occurs when a spirit/ghosts’ energy interacts with a living being’s psychic energy to produce physical disturbances. —Read More:http://jasontshields.blogspot.ca/2011_05_01_archive.html

But what of psychokinesis? In the early 1970’s, Dr. Helmut Schmidt- J.B. Rhine’s successor as the head of the Institute of parapsychology at Duke- published the results of an experiment that suggests, to put it no more forcefully, that psychokinetic energy not only exists but that it can be tested in accordance with certain subatomic principles. Dr. Schmidt used the electrons from a radioactive strontium-90 source to light nine lamps. The order in which they flashed on and off was as random as any sequence can be, for there is absolutely no way of predicting such electron behavior.

The subjects were instructed to test their PK power over the hopping quanta by making the lamps light up in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The subjects predicted the unpredictable with a “proability against chance” of one thousand to one. It seems that a profound ambiguity might exist between PK and precognition, as well as a profound connection between these psychic powers and the unpredictable behavior of electrons.


(see link at end) Koestler:That is all to the good. There are, however, phenomena in parapsychology which no physicist, however open minded, can willingly accept on face value: I mean PK – psychokinesis.

The “extra” bit in extra-sensory perception may quite possibly become in the not too distant future amenable to theoretical treatment in terms of quantum physics enriched by new “fields” added to the existing ones, and new types of “interactions” added to the existing repertory of four*. But such optimism seems less justified when it comes to psychokinesis. Dobbs is silent about it, so is Margenau, and – within my limited knowledge of parapsychological literature – I am unaware of any serious attempt at a physicalistic explanation of how a mental effort could influence the motions of rolling dice. The reason is simple: ESP and PK are operating in different dimensions; and just as the rigid mechanical laws of the macroscopic world do not apply to micro-physics, so the freedom enjoyed in the realm of micro-physics does not apply to the macroscopic level. An atom is ‘Tree” to do this or that within Heisenberg’s indeterminacy relation, and all our statements about it refer to probabilities, not to certainties. But according to the law of large numbers, in a macroscopic body of trillions of atoms, the deviations cancel out, the sum of probabilities results in practical certainty, and the old taboos retain their validity**. Thus when an ESP message in the shape of mindons, psitrons or what-have-you impinges on a “critically poised” neuron, it operates on the quantum indeterminacy level and can do wonders, so to speak. But this process is not reversible. You cannot influence the progress of a macroscopic body like a rolling die, by micro-physical particles or wavicles of imaginary mass. Thus the law of large numbers, which lends such authority to the evidence for ESP, is at the same time the main obstacle to any physicalistic explanation of PK***. Read More:http://www.survivalafterdeath.info/articles/koestler/physics.htm

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