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Not expressed in an articulate manner, but there is something unsettling about Rupert Murdoch’s tweet on the Jewish owned press. The Left jumped on his as an anti-Semite,and for the Yid lefties it was kettle black time, but in fact the issue is way more nuanced and complex, rather Murdoch throwing the pie back in the faces that deserve to be brought down a few pegs form their self-imposed moral perch. It bites into this idea of acting as a Jacob and claiming owner of the birthright while critics of them, and and their targets within israel are cast as the hunter Esau willing to kill for a pot of lentils. To many on the left, these “other” jews are not worthy of the honor of birthright, and thus not redeemable, at least in their actions in their eyes. Ultimately, you wonder if most of the venom is directed at Jews who live as jews are are not quite assimilated enough, evolved, to avoid the condescension….

(see link at end)…In yet another round of the media mogul who tweets, Rupert Murdoch is raising eyebrows again. On Saturday night, the News Corp chief executive took to the micro-blogging service to ask: Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti- Israel in every crisis?”

—James Alexander Walker: View of the Grand Army of the Republic (1865)—Read More:

The fervently pro-Israel mogul had written other tweets Saturday criticizing press coverage of the Gaza conflict. “Middle East ready to boil over any day. Israel position precarious,” he tweeted. “Meanwhile watch CNN and AP bias to point of embarrassment.” He then wondered: “Can’t Obama stop his friends in Egypt shelling Israel?” Following these musings, the Huffington Post’s UK political director Mehdi Hasan wondered, also on Twitter (of course), “Who is the bigger Twitter troll these days? Donald Trump or Rupert Murdoch?” Read More:

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(see link at end)…Murdoch is taking issue with all the Jews who value liberalism over their heritage and thus help promulgate the “Israelis as villains” meme….No doubt the left will try to crucify Murdoch for his Jewish-owned press comment. The chutzpah of such a move would be astonishing; Murdoch is Israel’s ally, and the mainstream media is consistently savaging Israel whenever they get the chance. If the mainstream media, which acts as shills for the same Democratic Party that showed its hatred for Israel at the 2012 DNC, wants to accuse someone of hatred for Jews, they can start by looking in the mirror….Read More: a

Winslow Homer: Read More:

But then, these is nothing new here as the dynamic was identical during World War Two when American Jews were often hostile to efforts to save their brethren; the history has been revised to place the locus of blame on the Roosevelt administration, but America’s Jews wanted little to do with the great unwashed hordes of Eastern European Jews with their naggling and archaic habits of religion that they found embarrassing and detrimental to their own efforts of social mobility. like Jacob’s ladder, the newly established American Jews wanted to keep these “undesirables” on the bottom of the ladder; today Israel for the liberal American press is in the position of their poor brethren of WWII…


(see link at end)…Hevron these days is full of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish graffiti, a testimony to the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of international anarchists running around the city these days, said Noam Arnon, spokesperson of the Hevron Jewish community. The anarchists, leftists, and radical Arabs who have descended on the town have filled nearly every wall with the graffiti, a testimony to the freedom in which they operate – and the fact that no one is stopping them from operating openly, something that could constitute a security danger to the community. “If they can draw graffiti freely, they may be able to act i

her ways that endanger the community without anyone stopping them either,” Arnon said.

Most of the graffiti appears on David Hamelech Street, the main street in Hevron adjacent to the Jewish community. Among the slogans appearing on almost every (formerly) blank wall or storefront are “Welcome to Palestine,” “No Zionists here,” and various expletives, both in Arabic and English.

The graffiti attack comes after the Jewish community spent thousands of shekels on a beautification project, cleaning up the street. For years, storefronts and walls on David Hamelech Street have been the locus for graffiti and slogans by both Jews and Arabs, attacking each other and praising their own causes. The community spent NIS 10,000 to get rid of all the graffiti, but the anarchists and radicals have apparently decided to appropriate the street for their own brand of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish graffiti, Arnon said. Read More:

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