will the original paint job please own up

by Art Chantry:

this is john lennon’s infamous psychedelic Bentley. supposedly, the Rolls Royce corporation attempted to buy it back and re-paint it. actually, i’ve never seen this version of that famous car before. i’ve seen at least 5 different paint jobs on Bentleys and Rolls Royces claiming to be the original version. it’s like the famous george barris Batmobile (from the tv show). which is the original? there were at least half-dozen versions of it. anybody keep track of this crap? will the real john lennon psychedelic rolls please stand up?…

AC:however, that psychedelic porsche in the rnr hof that used to belong to janis joplin? that’s a re-creation. apparently the original paint job got painted over. so, they hired another artist to re-create it from photographs. but, it think it’s the same car. did this rolls royce ever get painted over like the company threatened to? it’s possible lennon is standing next to a re-creation? just a thought..

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