by Art Chantry:

the munsters had the george barris designed “munster coach”. grandpa munster had the george barris designed “dragula”. so, what did poor little eddie munster get? he got this wonderful stingray style bike fabricated out of chains! this scratch-built ‘monstrosity’ was considered (at it’s time) the ultimate dream bike by every red-blooded (sic.) american kid in the world. snazzy, eh?

AC:i'll bet my bottom dollar that dutch fabricated every inch of that frame himself.

AC:i’ll bet my bottom dollar that dutch fabricated every inch of that frame himself.

so, what madman designed THIS? well, Barris Custom was (again) contracted to do a kustom bike for eddie. george barris’ hot-shot head designer was a guy named skip barrett, and he was the young hip kid who was chosen to do the project.

barrett came up with the chain-link stingray idea. when it came to actually building it, they decided to hire out the very BEST – von dutch, hisself. so, barrett and dutch got to work on it and it became a real collaboration between the two great Kustom minds. well, sort of, i think. i can’t imagine dutch actually working hand in hand with anybody who ever lived. so, i imagine barrett stood back a lot and went, “gee, that’s brilliant, dutch” – a LOT.

at any rate, this is the infamous eddie munster chain link bike by von dutch – and skip barrett and george barris (his name was on the door, so he gets the credit).

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