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the butler guards the gold

Are all these gains at the top of the pyramid illegal, immoral or frankly criminal riches the result of gaming the financial system, the large unearned increments as economist Frank Genovese has called them due to monopoly theories and barriers … Continue reading

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the trouble with normal: beware the ordinary

How are we to explain the behavior of the perpetrators of murder? Often, the factual record is not in doubt, but the historical and moral implications remain at best, ambiguous. It is obvious that our own society and our mass … Continue reading

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Lovers In A Dangerous Time ( pt.2 )

…Lovers always live in a dangerous time. In any era and under most human conditions, love is itself a dangerous condition, a precarious existence, a coming of age of what Marcel Marceau called ”the immaturity of the good”.It is pure … Continue reading

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