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vaudeville: american culture is performance

Vaudeville has been dead for over ninety years.The wandering minstrel had been replaced by the electronic age.  The acrobats, the animal acts, the dancers, the singers, and the old-time comedians have all taken their bows and turned stage left into … Continue reading

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Phantasmagoria: be here now

Very few paintings in the history of art have so puzzled viewers as Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights. Even in the basking glory of post modernist permissiveness, its meaning is neither clear nor compelling, only murky. In centuries … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Innocence

” Rockwell is not culturally or artistically naive. Above all, he does not portray a bland style of American innocence. Rather he is a canny diagnostician of innocence, which he exposes as a fiction based on various forms of denial … Continue reading

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