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short memories

It can be supposed that Shimon Peres was trying his hand at nice guy politics, but still, there is a reality gap of credulity at some point here. The Russians have been trying to make nice lately, but unfortunately there … Continue reading

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truth through distortion

As a clown, Zero Mostel was a funny fat man, an Oliver Hardy or Raimu, who improvises off stage in a variety of dialects, ranging from Yiddish to Wodehouse English, and lacing them with what Maxim Gorky, in describing the … Continue reading

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buster: salvaged by tried and true nobodies…

buster keaton… by Art Chantry ( art@artchantry.com) i just wanted to share this 8×10 b&w glossy photo of buster keaton wearing one of ed ‘big daddy’ roth’s “surfink” tshirts. amazing, huh? seems like everybody was wearing those things back then, … Continue reading

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