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Thats the title of the advertisement. Its part of the journeys campaign by Louis Vuitton, a real marketing powerhouse. The critique is that this is white patriarchy using the abject poverty of Uganda as a pretext to hawk bling luxury goods that no one on the Continent can afford. SO, there is this beautiful image of Bono and Ali dressed to the nines (Edun) with Ali carrying the Louis Vuitton/Edun collaborative bag. Its volunteer tourism at its most status conscious effort. The image looks like photo-shopped worked to give that on location feel. Its part of Louis Vuitton’s Core Values Campaign , which, behind the cynicism can deemed to find its political equivalence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

---Ali Hewson and U2-vocalist Bono - founders of Edun - are the latest modern icons to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Louis Vuitton’s Core Values advertising campaign, shot in Africa in March of this year. Antoine Arnault, head of communications at Louis Vuitton, comments: “We are delighted that both Ali and Bono, who have never before participated in an advertising campaign, agreed to be photographed for Core Values. We are very proud of our association with Edun.” The image, portraying Ali and Bono walking in a vast landscape, reflects the couple’s long relationship with Africa. Both are long-term campaigners in the fight against extreme poverty and in 2005 they founded the ethical clothing label Edun to encourage trade with Africa and to highlight the possibilities for the fashion community to do business there. In 2009, LVMH, in line with its long-standing commitment to sustainable development, acquired a 49% stake in Edun in order to promote more widely the brand’s positive vision of responsible trade.--- Read More:http://www.prweb.com/releases/LouisVuittonCoreValues/BonoandAliHewson/prweb4559014.htm

From the colonialist period to today, Africa continues to be exploited and its mineral wealth removed. Its a great evil, and seeing the context for Vuitton’s Core Values, its inescapable to avoid the juxtaposition of Vuitton trading on the intangibles of desire and ego within the context of beaten down peoples. They are the most profitable luxury brand on the planet and contrasted with global poverty it does recall Kafka’s vision of human nature as pessimistic. Freud viewed reason and instinct as constantly fighting each other with reason given the sorry and unloved task of reining instinct in check to make civilized existence possible. Kafka, by contrast saw human nature in a state of unresolvable conflict and that is what Vuitton projects; a certain degree of good intentions submerged under some dark and fragmentary forces.

Freud perceived instinct as occupying the core of human nature which somehow had to be overcome by reason. Kafka, somewhat more optimistic in his view, saw a core of indestructible good which served as the central basis and would be the predominant theme of human nature.  The bump in the road though, was that the individual has experienced the Fall, but, the condition of spiritual innocence remains desired, deep rooted and permanently sought after; and also permanently beyond reach. That basically outlines the marketing game of Vuitton and other notable marketers. To quote Coca Cola’s Robert Woodruff, he summarized the dynamic back in 1923, as the effort to make campaigns that would bring the soft drink “within an arm’s reach of desire.”

Proceeds from the sale of the Louis Vuitton/Edun collaboration bag will go to TechnoServe in Africa for the Conservation Cotton Initiative and related programs. Ali and Bono’s fee for the shoot will go to both TechnoServe in Africa for the Conservation Cotton Initiative and related programs and to Chernobyl Children International.

Edun founder Ali Hewson says, “We want Edun to be a success because the more it grows, the more we can do on the ground.”…

---The ad was shot by legendary photographer Annie Liebovitz. It was part of Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign which had before this featured U2's Bono and actor Sean Connery. Critics were quick to condemn the ad, saying that it blatantly used a poor country like Cambodia as a backdrop for Louis Vuitton's luxury goods. Some said it smacks of hypocrisy and was done in poor taste.--- Read More:http://www.yousaytoo.com/angelina-jolie-in-louis-vuitton-ad/841065

…U2-vocalist and activist Bono says, “Ali has worked hard to build Edun from scratch, and thanks to LVMH’s commercial muscle and support, this fledgling company can go from strength to strength – which means increased business for our partners in developing countries.” Read More:http://www.prweb.com/releases/LouisVuittonCoreValues/BonoandAliHewson/prweb4559014.htm


Tony Blair was facing increasing criticism for allegedly exploiting his former position as prime minister for personal gain.

It follows the news that Blair is to be paid a reported $1.2m salary to “advise” the handbags-to-couture-to-champers group

run by Bernard Arnault, the wealthiest man in France and the 15th richest in the world.

Westminster is used to hearing tales of how the former PM makes a living these days: he already gets £2.5m from the the investment bank JP Morgan, another £2m from the finance group Zurich, and earns tens of thousands every time he makes an after-dinner speech. But on this occasion the critics are sharpening their knives because they clearly recall Blair cultivating his relationship with Arnault while he was still PM….

---...The copy (not visible in the photo, for some reason) reportedly reads: “Some journeys cannot be put into words. New York. 3 a.m. Blues in C.” Antoine Arnault, head of communications for Louis Vuitton, tells the Daily Mail: “This is the first time ever that Keith Richards has participated in an advertising campaign of any sort, and it is hard to imagine a more compelling embodiment of a personal, emotional journey.” A possible alternate copy line: “Never forget the journeys you can’t remember.” —Posted by Tim Nudd Read More:http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/keith-richards-joins-louis-vuitton-campaign-16183

…LVMH stands for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy which means that Arnault, its majority shareholder, controls a vast array of luxury businesses, from Dior to Moet & Chandon champagne to the famous LV handbags and baggage range.

Read more: http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/58276,news-comment,news-politics,tony-blair-under-fire-as-luxury-lifestyle-goes-over-the-top-takes-role-with-louis-vuitton#ixzz1UIp4J8El

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