angie is watching you

by Art Chantry (

over the last month, i’ve seen  FB blogs  celebrate black history month by posting images of endless magazine covers with pictures of beautiful black women on them. so, since this is the new ‘clever’, i thought i’d do the same. here is LIFE magazine, september 11, 1970!!! WHAM.

AC:still have the originals i swiped form a post office when i was a kid.. also have h. rap brown, patty hearts and a few assorted weatherman.

during this extremely crazy and stupid election cycle we are again witnessing the real and true cultural drama unfold in america. every aspect of this phony ‘debate’ can be traced easily back to the black experience in america. the cultural experience of the african american in this country IS the story of american culture. every tiny little nook and cranny of our shared popular culture is completely dominated by ideas and inventions and thoughts and actions by the african american culture as it developed in america. to say anything else is to be blind and stupid. there virtually is NO other culture around us.

so, when is see all these crazyass white bread conservatives running off at the mouth about their purity of essence and “taking back THEIR america”? i think this little nasty artifact of american pop culture sorta sez it all. angie is watching you!

happy black history month!

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