taking back the keys to now time

To break the pattern of everything continuing as usual. This kind of eternal catastrophe characterized by a boundless domination of the mythical subsuming and devouring everything in its path. Its the Kafka problematic where the fall, original sin is ingeniously reproduced and disseminated so it is present at all moments, the mythical being the dominant ideology where as Kafka articulated, there is a trauma, an always present and clear danger of psychological breakdown from overwhelming fear of feeling a victim of cosmic injustice. One permanently directed against the individual, maybe the greatest snow job and con in history.

---However, as a Jew who awaits every day the Messiah, against all realities and “facts” of its futility, he still continued to hold onto "the objectives of human life," which had a completely different status from the ideals of the utopians and revolutionaries in the generations preceding this last stage of "progress." ---Read More:http://construct.haifa.ac.il/~ilangz/Utopia4.html image:http://www.backtoclassics.com/gallery/aertgenvanleyden/worshippingofthegoldencalf-detail/

The rub has always been there is no place or space in secular history to speak of divine justice and the messianic. The utopianism conceived by the non-secular cannot be conceived as an overthrow of history, the cycle of shock of the new and nihilism. What has been called the ultimate vanity of mythic forces confronting the messianic. The idea is seen as absurd that a profane order can be erected while relying on the idea of god’s kingdom. In short, the positive and the utopian elements that define secularism and the religious/spiritual basis of messianism and redemption are incompatible and at its extreme, mutually hostile and perpetually antagonistic. And the Middle East, the Land of Israel is probably most emblematic of this confrontation.

The expulsion of over 10,000 from the Gaza area, undisputably a thriving and prosperous community,  was to the religious totally devoid of Torah and Jewish law, a kind of logic that made sense to uproot them violently for political expedience only, and not considerate of another kind of logic, revealed logic given at Sinai, it is probable the peace-washing of the European Community and providential lying of the hostile neighbors would have been stymied by a refusal to budge, instead of serving as launching zone of sophisticated rocket bombs.

There seems to be a natural inclination on the part of humanity for the process of disavowal; to make believe and fantasize that the unacceptable and illogical is actually logical, acceptable, part of some form of divine destiny that they are going to make a movie about one day. In other words, constructions of the human mind that change like the seasons and pass from fashion to obsolete.

---President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - “The ultimate promise of all Divine religions, will be fulfilled with the emergence of a perfect human being (the 12th Imam), who is heir to all prophets. He will lead the world to justice and absolute peace. Oh mighty Lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one." As a member of the messianic inspired Hojjatieh Society, he passionately expects that after 11 centuries, the 12th Imam will return as the Messiah of Islam hastened by “the creation of chaos on Earth.” Is it not a surprise that that Ahmadinejad has cleaned the upper echelons of Iran’s experienced diplomatic corps who do not share his messianic fervor that his mission is to introduce this globe to an apocalyptic conflagration?--- Read More:http://www.biblesearchers.com/hebrews/jewish/messiah3.shtml Image:Gerrit de Wet ...http://www.friendsofart.net/en/art/gerrit-de-wet/the-adoration-of-the-golden-calf

( See link at the end) …There are many that believe Iran and the bomb is not a serious development, others have been profoundly disturbed by linking current events with biblical dimensions:

According to the sages, the Erev Rav were the ones who were responsible for constructing the Golden Calf and they shouted, “Israelites, this is your god.”  To the sages of Judaism, the Erev Rav or the mixed multitude will be a prototype of the future “superficial Jews” who will “break rank” with the guiding lights of the Torah observing Jewish leadership. They have done it in all the past ages and will do so especially at the time of the end. At this time, they will patronize and support the cause of their enemy. Their own agenda, private or pagan, far removed from the commands of the God of Israel in the Torah, will become the source of discomfort and calamity of the Jews for all ages. The rabbinic writings are clear that the Lord criticized Moses for allowing what we call today the mixed multitude to accompany the Israelites in their fateful journey. As the Raya M’hemna said”…

---Reviewing the statue Freud identifies three layers of emotion. In the foot he detects the residue of impulsive anger. The relation of the right hand to the beard and the torso indicates the suppression of the anger which is further counteracted by the calm of the left hand. Finally, the face expresses the will to control. By the combination of these emotional layers, Michelangelo creates a Moses who stands for intellectual control over the fisical expression of rage. In Moses analysis Freud synthesizes the two main views of Michelangelo: a timeless character study a specific moment in time. From his discussion of the sculpture, Freud relates form and iconography to psychology. He attempts to reconstruct Michelangelo's motives for the Moses iconography,considering the artist's patron, Julis II, and the fact that the pope commissioned the statue for his own tomb. Pope Julius, Freud ponts out, was a man of enormous ambition whose grand purpose was the unity of Italy under the papal authority. He was impatient and, like the biblical Moses, willing to resort to violence to achieve his ends. Likewise, Michelangelo was aware of his own violent streak, which often erupted in impulsive behaviour.---Read More:http://www.romanguide.com/renaissancerome/michelangelo-moses.html

…Raya M’hemna, Pinchas, 246b – “Hashem will seek to avenge the actions of Esav (Esau), Yishmael (Ismael) and Erev Rav (mixed multitude) – the Erev Rav that is mixed up with Esav and Yishmael.”

According to the Zohar, in the time just before the coming of the Maschiach (Messiah), the Erev Rav will align themselves in an alliance with the descendants of Esav (Ed

Rome, the European Union and the Western Globalists headed by the United States) and Yishmael (Arabic tribes and modern Islamic nations) seeking if possible to successfully delay the arrival of the Moschiach.Read More:http://www.biblesearchers.com/hebrews/jewish/messiah3.shtml

---Jan Steen (1626-1679), The Worship of the Golden Calf, c 1671-1672, Dutch. Oil on canvas. 178.4 × 155.6 cm. Courtesy of the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh (http://www.ncartmuseum.org); purchased with funds from the State of North Carolina. ... More than 300 years after his death, Jan Steen (1626-1679) is still identified primarily as a genre painter of Dutch middle- and lower-class life. In sharp contrast to the calm, ordered interiors of his contemporaries, Pieter de Hooch, for example, or Jan Vermeer, Steen's pictures show the tidy Dutch life gone awry:...Read More:http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/288/22/2785.extract


The interpreter seeks his own salvation, as he is in danger of annihilation with the vagueness and the void resulting from current false consensus. In Benjamin’s thought, as in traditional Judaism, “the messianic time” bursts into the “now-time.” However, in his philosophy it momentarily penetrates the continuity of the vain progress of catastrophic time and creates in it a special extra-temporal point, at which time ceases to flow and a redeemed space of time is constituted, and at which it is possible to try to call things by their true name and to fight the “evil”‘ celebrating its victory. The struggle for knowledge turns out to be a moral struggle for the good life by an isolated individual, who at most can hope to break the continuum which in principle is always victorious, and to which historical “progress” has been handed over ever since the “first sin.” Within this context, redemption is disclosed as an overcoming of history, and as a rescue of the very possibility of moral struggle for the institution of authentic selfhood through the defeat of the principle of individuation and by regarding the other as an object for manipulation for the sake of realizing selfish goals. This salvation proves dependent on a kind of knowledge different from the teleological, the violent, the victorious knowledge, which is always produced out of the vain progress. What is the source of this power of truth and what is the status of our present ignorance that enables us to identify and recollect this messianic appearance in the vanity of the present continuum? What in our continuum, we should ask Benjamin, enables us to decide what is the voice of the myth and what is the appearance of the messianic since we are imprisoned in the present where myth is the sole prince of reality? In such a present we cannot trust “proofs” and “evidence.” What, then, will be the ontological and epistemological status of Benjamin’s conception of redemption? Read More:http://construct.haifa.ac.il/~ilangz/Utopia4.html

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