burn baby burn

They’ll sweep out the ashes in the morning. Hard to believe this news story; but it does invoke a number of themes. One may be there susceptibility to religious propaganda, and it actually gives credence to shit disturbers and rabble rousers of all stripes like Sacha Baron Cohen and Bill Maher in an almost redemptive role of Americanism and secular power and authority:

( see link at end) A newspaper in Mexico is detailing Sunday’s “burning of the Jews,” an annual tradition in Coita, a small town in the state of Chiapas. As part of the custom, locals spend the middle of their Holy Week making Jewish effigies — a reference to Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus before his crucifixion. The fake Jews are then displayed for three days in different parts of the town, serving as an example of poor conduct….

---“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” - George Washington, Founding Father, 1st President of The United States of America--- Read More:http://cynthiahowerter.com/tag/george-washington/

They’re ultimately paraded through the streets on Easter Sunday, with local children assigned to stand in front of them and collect money for flammable materials.

The article notes that the tradition differs in Coita, where locals set fire to the effigies on Easter itself, rather than the day before, as in other towns. The burning is followed by a dance, where locals eat a corn treat made with cocoa. The article says the custom “strengthens” the culture of the Zoque, an indigenous people in southern Mexico who were converted to Catholicism.

The ceremony seems to echo, to some extent, the “Running of the Jew” event depicted in Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 movie “Borat” — a work of fiction.Read More:http://www.timesofisrael.com/mexican-town-celebrates-easter-with-burning-of-the-jews/

----Israeli Organization Awards Soldiers 1000 Shekels A Day If Imprisoned For Refusing To Drive Jews Off The Land ...A soldier, Private Yershakovitz refused to join his unit on their mission of emptying the Israeli town of Ramat Megron of Jews. He was "rewarded" for his patriotic Jewish feelings and efforts with 20 days in jail. A small price to pay for having a clean conscience. Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo and the organization: "HaReshut HaYehudit" presented the family of this brave soldier with 20,000 NIS Sepetember 9th in a ceremony televised live on Israel National News. Rabbi Wolpo's organization "SOS Israel" and "Reshut HaYehudit" have teamed up to pay soldiers for being patriotic. Not an easy thing to do these days in Israel's army. The two organization's give a prize for each day spent in Jail. The money was sponsored by an anonymous sponsor. ---Read More:http://www.chabad4israel.org/oldevnt/oldevnt.shtml image:http://www.hebron.com/english/gallery.php?id=208


But is it any wonder? The Prime Minister of Israel writes a book saying he will never negotiate with terrorists and ends up exchanging 1,000 for one soldier, which albeit, the desire of the parents of Gilad Shalit to have their son back which is normal, it does violate Jewish law, presents an attitude of the government being weak and cowardly and serves to condone abduction as legitimate tool. Very much in the scheme of “being kind to the cruel and you will end up being cruel to the kind.” the army under Ehud Barak has engaged in violent expulsions of Jews from their homes, the videos and pictures of Amona, Gush Katif as major but not exclusive examples are at the boundary, the outer limit of burning jews in their homes as an act of purification.The same satanic Zionists that enabled the communist pogroms and the death camps. One of those ” he had the right idea, he just went to far”. Once the genie is out of the can, its hard to repack. So why be so harsh on these Mexican townspeople.

If the Vatican told them to stand on their heads and spit pesos, they would do it. They are probably not that far removed from human sacrifice and cannibalism.Maybe they were more civilized and sophisticated before becoming conversos. When Pope John Paul II went to Israel with an olive branch, ostensibly to heal  wounds over the deaths of millions of the forgotten what motivations of sheer goodness and altruism could possibly be attributed to his conduct. He wanted a room with a view: The Church with the Upper Room that not by coincidence happens  to be built

what is recognized as the Tomb of David. What’s next? Temple Mount? Everything seems to come back to Jerusalem. Even villagers in remote Mexico. But is Rome a literal reality or symbolic as the broader America, a kind of shadowy amalgam of modern globalists, a plutocracy of old western Europe controlled by the U.S. Who knows?


( see link at end) …My reconstruction of Horkheimer’s position points to a relation of the dissolution of the free subject to the development of evil: “progress” emerges as causing them both. “Progress” brings about an intensification of both knowledge and human domination which are responsible for fostering “the radically evil.” Progress is also an expression of such intensification. As man develops the knowledge that doing good does not accompany him – and with it also the knowledge of the good itself – he actually becomes more evil. On the one hand, evil is regarded as effected by the gap between knowing good and doing evil, and on the other hand Horkheimer’s whole work is devoted to the effort to expose the progress of knowledge as a pseudo-progress. According to Horkheimer progress widens the gap between knowledge of good and moral action, and in this respect progress is a supreme expression of evil. This discrepancy is the foundation for pessimism since it prevents in principle doing the good, and since the presence of evil is disclosed as unpreventable.

There is also metaphysical support for my conclusion regarding Horkheimer’s concept of evil in history. I think it should be related to Benjamin’s “Theses on the Philosophy of History.” According to Horkheimer, “radical evil asserts its domination over all created beings everywhere and reaches as far as the sun”.

Is there any chance for a change of tide in the course of history? Horkheimer believes that its present course is necessary, and that only a leap out of history is possible. As in the eschatological tradition, this possibility is conditional on the accurence of a terrible catastrophe. “This movement of humanity into the administered world may be interrupted: by catastrophes, by wars or by separation”. This understanding, that there is no redemption that is historically framed, is enother central Jewish concept that he develops as a critical dimension of late critical theory. Read More:http://construct.haifa.ac.il/~ilangz/Utopia4.html


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