talking your son off the roof

Israel Independence Day. A mixed blessing to be sure. “Never Again!” is what you hear. But does that also mean never again to get screwed by your own elected officials? Zionism has proven itself to be perfectly adept at bald faced lying to the people it is ostensibly there to protect, capable of sacrificing lives and even treasonous activity according to others. They have made political Zionism as intrinsic to Jewish identity and in so doing have created a sea of tortured souls: the religion of judaism, its spiritual base of the torah and the relation to it is completely incoherent and subsumed when taken out of this context, its natural habitat and placed within the secular apparatus of the modern nation state founded on the basis of liberal democracy and the ideals of the enlightenment. After Napoleon “liberated” the ghetto and “emancipated” the jews the adherence to secular ideology has continued unabated, albeit after a regrettable detour into the gas chambers and crematorium.

---Of these 13 people, documentation and/or references found thus far indicate at least eight (8) of these people are (were) Masons: David Ben-Gurion - Freemason Moshe Sharett Levi Eshkol Yigal Allon Golda Meir - Co-Mason Yitzhak Rabin - Freemason Shimon Peres* - Freemason and Jesuit (Roman Catholic) trained Menachem Begin Yitzhak Shamir Benjamin Netanyahu - Freemason Ehud Barak - Freemason Ariel Sharon - Freemason Ehud Olmert** - Freemason---Masonic Memorial . Eilat. Read More:

One of the most egregious examples of abuse of state power was the expulsion of Jewish settlers from the Gush Katif area of  Gaza, an expulsion based on the unilateral withdrawal masterminded by Ariel Sharon and his landscaping, demolition and bulldozing crazy associates. This was supposed to be a “good faith” measure to the Palestianians, part of the road map to peace from Oslo which in fact has meant instead thousands of jews as road kill instead. Also Gush Katif was incredibly successful ; an economic and social phenomenon to the credit of observant jews who settled there, to the secular leaders, probably setting a bad precedent that other communities might emulate the template.  Eventually, when the gaza missiles start hitting the tony neighborhoods outside Tel-Aviv where the rich and military brass lives, people will start to wake up. Until then…

---Although former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon has been comatose in a Tel Aviv hospital since 2006, an animated sculpture of his body is on display in Tel Aviv's Kishon Art Gallery. The life-size replica of Sharon is the work of Israeli artist Noam Braslavsky and comes with a hospital bed, drip and blue pajamas. Braslavsky said the sculpture, with the chest moving up and down to depict Sharon's dependence on a breathing machine, represents Israel's inertia on improving the country's political situation. The artwork portrays Sharon's eyes open, "but they don't see. It's reminiscent of the state of our government," Braslavsky said.---Read More:

There is no question that Theodor Herzl, the initiator of Zionism was a freemason that is probably just scratching the tip of Masonic involvement. Not that Masonry is intrinsically evil, simply that its agenda is not coherent with Biblical Judaism and the study of the Torah proposing in its stead a nationalism void of a spiritual foundation and a political expediency nihilistic to Jewish tradition. Instead of hatikva as national anthem and its refrain of “to be free” they could have used John Lennon’s Imagine for the same effect.It does not appear that that a unified Jewish city of Jerusalem is complementary to the Masonic vision for the city, and one has to wonder if the truncating of the country: Yamit, Gush Katif and other land sections are a prelude to Jerusalem.

Certainly the peace with Egypt has been breached many times, Mubarek no froend of Israel and responsible for the flow of arms into Gaza and the construction of large bunkers in the Sinai in violation of the accords. Peace? And the revelation, seemingly plausible that Moshe Dayan in complicity with Kissinger let the Arab states attack Israel first in the 1973 war so they could better test the effectiveness of American weapons under different combat circumstances and contexts. Really? Israel a light unto other nations? ….

Interesting comment follows. The implications are broad, meaning that this elite from Egypt also scattered unto the nations of the world. Combined with what we now know about genetic “markers” ….( see link at end ): …As the Israelites were leaving the devastated land of Egypt, Egyptian opportunists who were frightened yet moved by the catastrophes that swept across their land, watched with awe as the entire talented working class of Egypt hastily exited from the borders of their land.

This mixed multitude, as they were called, were Egyptians who in their outward façade posed as members of the fleeing Israelite tribes. According to the Chazal (sages of blessed memory), this “mixed multitude” called the “Erev Rav” were not true converts to the God of Israel but superficial Israelites who believed that this god was stronger than the Egyptian gods. They took the opportunity to follow what they believed was the “winning side.”  They also saw this was the “golden opportunity” and became what was known as the “Fifth Column” in the Israelite social culture.

Yet, they quickly became disillusioned, wanted to assert authority over the leadership chosen by the Almighty. They were to the first to complain and murmur about any inconvenience that came their way.

We Christians have long criticized the Israelites for being a complaining and ungrateful group of people. Maybe we should put ourselves in their place. Let us suggest that we take a trip waking through the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Desert, not knowing where food and water will come. Are we wiling to put our trust in the unseeing God of Israel who gave us the promise that He will provide? Yet we understand that the people called the “mixed multitude” not authentic Israelites. They were called the Erev Rav.

According to the sages, the Erev Rav were the ones who were responsible for constructing the Golden Calf and they shouted, “Israelites, this is your god.”  To the sages of Judaism, the Erev Rav or the mixed multitude will be a prototype of the future “superficial Jews” who will “break rank” with the guiding lights of the Torah observing Jewish leadership. They have done

in all the past ages and will do so especially at the time of the end. At this time, they will patronize and support the cause of their enemy. Their own agenda, private or pagan, far removed from the commands of the God of Israel in the Torah, will become the source of discomfort and calamity of the Jews for all ages. Read More:

Production values of this video is not that great, but the content is there. When you think of all the anarchists and far leftists allowed into Israel, many “repeat offenders” on bogus identities and passports, you have to wonder if the government is complicit in this “tolerance” which contributes to a sapping of morale and hesitation on the part of the IDF, perhaps leading to more casualties…


The Rebbe went on to describe Israel’s father Theodor Herzl’s visit to Israel. “He arrived in Jerusalem as Shabbos came in, and disgraced the Shabbos at Judaism’s holiest site, just to demonstrate his ideology of assimilation and rebellion.”


After all we know about the Rebbes’ views, why do Lubavitchers have anything to do with Israel?

It’s a simple parable. A father whose son is about to jump, tries to persuade his son to come down from the roof. The father pleads with his son, but to no avail. Now, when the son breaks all his bones, is the father going to say, “Well it’s not my problem, I warned you!”?

The Rebbes, and all of Orthodox Jerwy’s leaders, warned of the spiritual and physical disaster that the founding of Israel would bring.

But after it happened, and the state was established the new situation had to be dealt with. The Rebbe didn’t change his view, as some like to purport. He only took the facts on the ground as a sign that the attitude toward Zionism would have to be slightly different. Previously the fight was against establishing a state, now that the state was established, the best for the Jewish people remained a top priority.

The safety of Israel’s citizens was undebatable in the Rebbe’s view, as was the spiritual growth.

The Rebbe did not embrace the Israeli government’s existence as a good thing, but as a technical-framework, that had become the reality.


While I agree there is a Mitzvah to save someone who “jumped from the roof”, or any other silly and negligent act, who said the act should be celebrated? Would you light a torch to joyously mark the beginning of that mistake?

Yes, we thank Hashem for the miracles of 1948, but Yom Haatzmaut (5 Iyar) commemorates the time when Israel was founded, rejecting the Jewish religion as the sole unifying force between the nation. Is it not written in their Declaration of Independence that “here in [the land of] Israel the Nation of Israel was founded”? This is an absolute lie! The Jewish nation was established at Mount Sinai with the acceptance of the Torah. Their intentional omission of the religious narrative is testament to their anti-Jewish ideology. Read More:

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