lone wolves

by Art Chantry:

More vintage Estrus Records (and ESCORT SERVICES) graphic treasures


this was s et four prom or playing cards for the untamed youth’s “live at the sahara, las vegas.” each card had the graphic from the back cover of the LP on the ‘face’ side – along with each of the aces from each suit (spade, diamond, club and heart). it’s actually and old cheezy trash culture icon called the ‘lone wolf’. it’s roughly based on a bazillion warner bros. cartoon wolves. it began to show up a LOT in car club plaques and club jackets in the early 50s’ in southern CA. this is the back of a set of “adult’ nudie playing cards (that used the ‘lone wolf” image) that i just swiped and added the estrus tag to it. we were directly referencing those sleazy adult nudie cards intentionally. we figured if you were smart enough to catch the joke, you’d understand. “escort services”.

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