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Theodor Adorno basic thesis was that  repression and domination, were part and parcel, intrinsic to the functioning of liberal democratic societies as well as totalitarian fascist ones. The individual as mere exchange value, a commodity, or simple vending machine was itself mechanically operated by the more fundamental issue of domination of people over people. That is, the enlightenment of Mill and Voltaire was complicit with its ostensible opposite, the reactionary movement of a Heidegger. Both to Adorno, featured bureaucratic, technical rationality, the tip of the iceberg in the subjugation of what is truly human. His phrase was, “enlightenment is totalitarian.”

—Even so, they did not enter common political currency until generations later. Some authorities credit the psychologist William James with first popularising the term “left wing”, in its modern sense, in 1897. Certainly by the 1930s – an era of almost as prevailing charlatanry as our own – the insidious terminology had become universal. As a tool of Marxist propaganda, it was ideal. The aim was to fabricate two conflicting ideological labels and to encompass all political thought within this straitjacket.
Read More:http://islamizationwatch.blogspot.ca/2009_09_06_archive.html

(see link at end)…The Christian Phalange party has to this day kept its Fascist ideals as seen in its latest conference below where the Nazi salute remains in place.

The Phalanges party spread the founder’s strong admiration to the Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler; many named their sons after him. The Nazi effect was also apparent in the party’s ethnic cleansing policy against Moslems in Lebanon during the country’s 17 year Civil War (1975-91).Read More:http://www.thearabdigest.com/2012/08/lebanons-phalange-keeps-nazi-salute.html

In The Authoritarian Personality Adorno peeled away the layers that revealed, to him, that capitalism created synthetic identities and personality types, the consumer society, that was both passive and aggressive, dominant and submissive, a sort of psychotic bi-polarity; metaphorically, trapped within a repressive power structure. The image of the hamster on the treadmill, unable to think for themselves and choosing “assimilation into the norms of the power structure as the path of least resistance. The Gunter Grass’s and Pope Benedict flirting with their own salutes are not a coincidence, but a reflection of the seductive power of the herd and those most indoctrinated becoming its most iconic figures and articulate spokespeople whether pro or con…

…Many people in the west ignore the fact that Pierre Al Gameyal,the grand father founded this Christian Party after being inspired by the German Nazi Party in 1936 !! That party is supporting in Israel and America currently. I do not think that they changed from their principles that much.The Nazi Salute is still there as you can see….Read More:http://egyptianchronicles.blogspot.ca/2008/11/nazi-fascist-supporters-of-israel-in.html

—The argument has just been trotted out again in a rather fantastical and factually handicapped piece by Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson on the Foreign Affairs website.
The two authors get off to a sound start, noting a major difference between the IRA and Hezbollah, namely the organic ties between the Party of God and Iran, which have no parallel in the IRA. However, when they elide that inconvenient fact and nonetheless claim that “the similarities between the two cases are no less striking than the differences,” their argument goes off the tracks.
To read more: http://www.nowlebanon.com/NewsArchiveDetails.aspx?ID=143156#ixzz255MFDLff
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(see link at end)…In 1936 and 1937, Beirut and other Lebanese cities witnessed the emergence of paramilitary youth organizations with clear fascist tendencies, the Lebanese Phalanges and the al-Najjada (Najjada). These movements were of a religious bent and became entangled in sectarian and political rivalries, The Lebanese Phalanges also staunchly supported Lebanon’s independence and borders. The group’s first political activity took place on 21 November 1936 to counter Muslim demonstrations in Beirut. The Najjada was an Arab Muslim organization which stood for Arab unity, the independence of the Arab world from foreign rule, and an Arab Lebanon. It was formed at the end of 1936 from a Muslim scout organization established by Nasuli, to protect Muslim Beirut and counter Christian paramilitary organizations. Its members marched through the streets of the Muslims quarters hoisting the Syrian flag and banners with slogans calling for Arab unity, and to held demonstrations in support of the Muslim struggle in Palestine.

—Samaranch, 4th from right, in 1974 in Barcelona at a Fascist ceremony. At the time he was a Vice President of the I.O.C. The woman is General Franco’s daughter.—Read More:http://open.salon.com/blog/toritto/2012/07/27/opening_ceremonies

Nasuli, leader of the Muslim scouting movement and newspaper publisher, since at least 1933 newspapers had been printing Hitler’s speeches and excerpts from “Mein Kampf.” Hitler and Mussolini were viewed in both Syria and Lebanon as models of strong statebuilders, Nasuli adopted the motto Arabism Above All on his newspa

��s masthead, which also printed glowing accounts of German youth’s support of Hitler.

The Lebanese Najjada presented itself as the Muslim equivalent of the Phalange , The Sunni organization appeared soon after to counter Christian solidarity with Muslim solidarity  A Muslim ‘twin’ to the Phalangists, the organization was often described, the rivals often clashed.

—‘It is necessary to spread terror’ … members of a Falangist youth band prepare for a victory parade in honour of Franco’s forces in May 1939. Photograph: Hugo Jaeger/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images—Read More:http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/mar/09/spanish-holocaust-paul-preston-review

The Phalange which began as an (Arab) Christian youth organization modeled after those of Mussolini’s Italy and other fascist organizations, although they adopted a fascist salute and the flag-waving paraphernalia of fascism, the early Phalangists were less fascists than glorified Boy Scouts.  According to Pryce-Jones, the Phalange was not a generically fascist movement, after all. Read More:http://freedemocracy.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/fascism-in-the-middle-east-history/

(see link at end)…ROBERT FISK: Yes and I mean, I’ve been wondering whether Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, isn’t becoming a bit of a personality cult, now that he thinks he won what he calls “a divine victory” over the Israelis in the summer. It didn’t feel very divine at the time, I can tell you. I was down in Tya a couple of days ago and they are selling – there were vast pictures of Nasrallah; we never saw this, kind of, culted personality before. They are selling Nasrallah key chains, Nasrallah paper flags. I am wondering if in fact the Hezbollah haven’t themselves bitten off more they can chew. But it is a fact that the Shi’ite community is becoming more and more divided, the largest Muslim community in Lebanon, from the rest, whether it be the Christians and the Sunni Muslims. You’ve got to remember too, that the Sunnies and the Shi’ites here, in a faint and ghostly form, are reflecting the concerns of the great bloodshed in Iraq where Sunnies and Shi’ites are in this hell disaster following a brave adventure – that is ironic – of 2003. Read More:http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2006/s1795205.htm
An interesting issue is the relationship between capitalism and sado-masochism. The sub-dom personality is the sine qua non of Enlightenment capitalist liberalism: the functionally fortunate psychological disaster that powers the whole filthy business of subjugationary capitalist power. So: is S&M a disgraceful dramatization of all that is worst in capitalism, and the final triumph of the Authoritarian Personality in the most intimate of human relations? Or, is it a playful transcendence of capitalism — a liberating reductio ad absurdum — which dialectically comes to identify the worst features of capitalism, and obliterates them in a flurry of mocking self-expression? Read More:http://www.voiceoftheturtle.org/dictionary/dict_a1.php

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2 Responses to hail to the chief

  1. Bashir Gemayel says:

    “The Phalange which began as an (Arab) Christian youth organization modeled after those of Mussolini’s Italy and other fascist organizations, although they adopted a fascist salute and the flag-waving paraphernalia of fascism, the early Phalangists were less fascists than glorified Boy Scouts.”

    Well whats wrong with Arab Christians? Are you racist?

    I love all my Christian bothers, and yes I’m also a Phalangist and an Arab Christian

    • Dave says:

      What you are referring to is a quote with a link to the source: The Arab Digest. It is not necessarily my opinion, but a perspective that complements the overall narrative of the post. The post itself had nothing to do with racism, as it appears that various strains of destructive ideologies cross national and religious boundaries. The insinuation of racism is misplaced. Better to take the quote you find offensive directly to the author of the article in Arab Digest.Best.


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