In the jaws of the crocodile

People are the product of history. The way nations see, dress, think and formulate reality are much based on the parameters that over time, form a wall of convention, the box to which the comfort zone of convenience installs and fights ferociously to hold onto its territory. The doghouse. The ensuing myths of reality are simply a means of preservation and in the social sphere almost a willing eagerness to transform reality into political theory as a means to justify behavior no matter how dysfunctional or destructive it may turn out to be as the option of loss of pride and ego seems to difficult to swallow and witness the crumbling of the edifice.The infatuation with re-invention and the new should be viewed more profoundly and challengingly as that of standing at the cusp of a new age or at a last judgement among the debris, the ruins, the wreckage, the defiant but shallow visions and the nihilistic gloom as twisted ideology of the righteously inhumane…

( see link at end)…Unfortunately, wars in our region have become like a race, so each war is to cover another one. In other words, these wars are nothing more than a move to escape forward. Therefore what is happening in Gaza is escaping forward, particularly in the hope of saving al-Assad or at least ensuring that the cost of toppling him will be greater for everybody. The greatest architect of such wars is Iran, from the unmanned Ayoub drone, not to mention all the attempts in the Sinai Peninsula. When the Golan front did not move quickly enough for al-Assad and Iran, they resorted to the Gaza front, because this can be inflamed far quicker, whilst it is also easier for Israel in this regard.

—First Discovery of the Law of Refraction 984

A diagram of an anaclastic lens, reproduced from Ibn Sahl’s manuscript, ‘On Burning Mirrors and Lenses.’ …
Arabian mathematician, and physicist Ibn Sahl (Abu Sa`d al-`Ala’ ibn Sahl), associated with the Abbasid court of Baghdad, wrote a treatise On Burning Mirrors and Lenses, setting out his understanding of how curved mirrors and lenses bend and focus light.
Ibn Sahl is credited in this work with first discovering the law of refraction, usually called Snell’s law.
“Ibn Sahl used the law of refraction to derive lens shapes that focus light with no geometric aberrations, known as anaclastic lenses.—Read More:

For Israel, Gaza is like a punching bag that can be used for training and muscle flexing, whilst success in Gaza would strike several “files” in one go. In Gaza, Tel Aviv is able to crush Hamas and embarrass Egypt and Mursi, who will be the biggest loser in this battle, no matter what he does. This is because if Mursi succeeds politically he will lose his popularity and vice versa, that is of course unless the Egyptian president is able to pull off a political miracle that reflects his cunning. However his choices are severely limited. As for Israel, striking Gaza sends a strong message to al-Assad and clips Iran’s wings, particularly in the event that there is an Israeli strike on Iran. Above all else, Israel striking Gaza strengthens Netanyahu’s chances at the forthcoming elections.

—The Earliest Surviving Manuscript of the Complete Hebrew Bible Circa 930

The Book of Judges, chapters 1:15 to 2:1, from the Aleppo Codex. …
The Aleppo Codex, the earliest extant manuscript of the complete Hebrew Bible, was written by a scribe named Salomon about 930 CE. It was proofread, vocalized and edited by Aaron ben Moses ben Asher who lived in Tiberias. Asher was the last of an important family of masoretes, or textual scholars of the Bible, who preserved and handed down the commonly accepted version of the Hebrew Bible from generation to generation. Since the twelfth century, when Maimonides considered it the most authoritative source of the text, the Aleppo Codex has been considered the most authoritative source for the Hebrew Bible.—Read More:

Very well, but what about Syria? Now, the best solution to get out of this war – or air strikes – in Gaza is to return to Syria, and strongly, for whoever is responsible for the launch of the home-made rockets in Gaza did this whilst being well aware that there is no equivalence. The whole purpose of this was to save al-Assad, whose days are numbered; indeed his ouster is just around the corner! This is also a war to distract the Arab parties, particularly as we have seen a series of outbidding today. Therefore the Arabs have been unable to ask the fundamental question, namely: who incited the Gaza front? And why now? This is an essential question, particularly as Hassan Nasrallah is calling on the Arabs to pressure the US to stop the aggression. So why isn’t Nasrallah asking the agents of Iran in Gaza to stop pushing the Gaza Strip into the unknown? Why did he, and Iran, not ask al-Assad to stop the violence against the people of Syria? This is a series of outbidding, and everybody is playing this game.

—“It wasn’t so easy though, ending the war. A war is a huge fire; the ashes from it drift far, and settle slowly.”
― Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin—Image:

What I want to say here is: who knows what will happen? The magic may turn against the magician, for the armed Palestinian groups in Gaza, including Hamas, do not want to continue the fighting, because they are incapable of this, whilst Israel does not want to prolong this aggression because it believes it has already made achievements, and on several levels. As for Mursi’s Egypt, it does not want, nor can it bear, this crisis; nor does the international community want this either.

—Egypt’s Prime Minister wept as he kissed the forehead of a boy killed in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza.
But it was all a lie.
Hamas not only uses their children as human shields (firing rockets from kindergartens), but is, also, using their children’s dead bodies as propaganda…and lying. They claimed that the child in this picture, being held by Egyptian PM Kandil, was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. That’s a lie. He was killed by a Hamas rocket.—Read More:

Therefore, the best way to escape from Gaza now is to quickly return to Syria, for the Gaza fire was the result of an al-Assad spark, and from here the magic may turn against the magician, particularly as everybody is convinced of the threat represented by the al-Assad regime and the need to topple it. The solution to Gaza is to return to Syria, and accelerate the ouster of the criminal regime of the tyrant of Damascus. Read More:

—In the report, the AP noted that the Israeli-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems produced Iron Dome, which was intended to shoot down missiles and artillery in an up to 45 mile range. So far, the five Iron Dome batteries deployed in Israel’s south and outside Tel Aviv have succeeded 8 out of every 10 uses.
The state-of-the-art Iron Dome system calculates the trajectory of each missile, allowing those which are headed toward unpopulated areas to land, and immediately intercepting those which are headed toward populated or important areas using a special warhead.
If there is any downside to Iron Dome, it is the price tag. Each missile costs $40,000. In 2010, the US put $200 million into expanding the development – a greater budget is being anticipated for 2012.
The Iron Dome system operates under the same principal as the “Arrow” missile defense system, which is meant to protect against long-range missiles from Iran, and is the predecessor of the upcoming “David’s Sling” anti-missile system, being developed by Rafael to neutralize medium-range missiles by 2014.—Read More:

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