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by Art Chantry:

meet nudie cohn, king of country flash and trash. his business “nudie, the rodeo tailor” was supplying the country western world with the loudest brightest glitteriest KUSTOM KULTURE western wear this side of the pecos. his hollywood tailor shop (i believe opened in 1963) soon became the biggest most long-lasting name in extreme western fashion. his name is now synonymous with legendary flash: porter wagoner, dolly parton, george jones, johnny cash, little jimmy dickens, glen campbell, ferlin husky, conway twitty, patsy cline, loretta lynn – you name it, they wore it. (that’s his (in)famous kustom kadillac in the background.)

—AC:but the SECOND time i saw zz top, they were wearing gen-u-ine nudies suits. the first time they had blue jeans (and no beards, either).—

…graham parsons did NOT wear nudies suits. those suits (and the burrito bros’ suits) were hand made by pamela de barres (of groupie fame). she (and a couple of her GTO friends) were close with parsons and the band and put it upon themselves to make those suits for them. so, those were NOT nudies suits, but suits lovingly sewn by some of the most famous groupies in the world….well, pamela de barres claims and swears that she made them and is hurt by the idea that everybody assumes they are nudies suits. so, the battle rages on….

…look at that thing that nudie is wearing then look at the back of parson’s outfit. then, tell me it’s the same designer. it’s not the same look at all. i believe pamela, here. everybody just assumes it was nudies because it was a fancy cowboy suit. but, parson’s suits really looked different because they weren’t done by nudie….

…also, the “nudies suit” has become a generic term for a fancy-ass cowboy suit. it’s like saying you want a ‘kleenex’ when you want a nose tissue. stephen – go read pamela’s bio, ‘I’m with the band.” then tell me that you buy whatever that guy writes there on his blog. i don’t….

…my suggestion that i think that maybe pamela de barres made gram parson’s ‘nudie’ suit can just stuff it until they go read her book. i distrust everybody’s ‘history’ here except when it gets a tad closer to the source…. de barres makes a solid claim with witnesses. beyond that, i really don’t hear anybody with a better story….

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