keep them on the farm

These people always appear in public as hipply dressed, as an example, in made in Quebec clothing. Preachy ambassadors for local product which is couture, designer labeled goods that the average person who voted for the PQ could never afford. The wheel has turned from a disconnected neo-Liberal regime to the toast of champagne socialism, replete the intrinsic moral superiority that is “natural” to the political stance. Who cares about the politics….

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The real plums are the political patronage and the divine right of kings and queens to appoint bowl lickers and lackeys to warm your buns positions, generous departure packages, and comfy pension guarantees. There is no grass roots electoral politics; instead contracts to manage social media, shaping opinion through tweets and pontificating on how most ingeniously to raise taxes in order to pay for all the manna of patronage while masquerading it as a benefit to the middle class who is effectively and has always been a kind of roast beef that the governing parties constantly poke with thermometers and picks to measure how juicy and ready it is to be exploited. The game plan of the PQ, and they were elected so, is to do absolutely nothing. Bitch to Ottawa, do a little patching, throw in the word “green” at the appropriate moment, ¬†and reinforce the sense of parasitism and auto-colonization that represents the established norm of the docile. There is something profound and complex to the expression found on the license plate, “Je me Souviens,” but in our health obsessed society, we are told there is a pill for that to be available in the next health reform…

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