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True believers. un-believers. Mis-believers. Its a bizarre love triangle for Pat Robertson and he is media savvy enough to play the cards right every time and drawing the awaited reaction, the wailing and moral lamentations from secular religious liberals of the moral suasion variety. His specialty is divine retribution and he wields it like a crusader with a sharp axe. But its a two sided weapon; one of the reason the Romney nomination never sustained any “Mittmentum” is that pillars like Robertson are not modern or inclusive enough to the diverse mico-electorates that the Democrats cranked out to the ballot box. Gays, feminists, pagans, atheists, Haitians, and Muslims are a lot of folks that may have conservative views but are brushed away with a Biblical sleight of hand. …

( see link at end)…The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has issued a statement defending its chairman Pat Robertson’s recent comments on the military sex scandal involving CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and author Paula Broadwell, saying that Robertson’s comments have been skewed in an attempt to discredit the famed televangelist.

—Sassetta (Stefano di Giovanni), The Blessed Ranieri Rasini Freeing Poor People from Prison in Florence, 1437–1444.—Read More:

Chris Roslan, spokesman for CBN, issued a statement shortly after Robertson’s comments, which he made on the Monday, Nov. 12 and Tuesday, Nov. 13 episodes of the “The 700 Club”, CBN’s flagship program.

“In his comments about General Petraeus, Dr. Robertson clearly stated that he does not condone sexual immorality, a fact that was left out by certain bloggers in an effort to discredit him,” Roslan stated, according to

Robertson first spoke on Gen. Petraeus’ affair on Monday, when he told “The 700 Club” viewers that the affair between Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, was a matter of “propinquity.”

“[Petraeus] is a Lieutenant Colonel, [Broadwell] is an extremely good-looking woman,” Robertson said on Monday’s episode….

—Christ among the Doctors by Albrecht Durer (1471 – 1528) from 1506. Oil on panel. 25 1/2 x 31 1/2 inches (65 x 80 cm).—Read More:

“She is a marathon runner, […] she’s running with him and she’s writing a biography. I think the term is ‘propinquity,’ and there was a lot of propinquity going on,” Robertson added.

“I mean, who knows? The man’s off in a foreign land, and he’s lonely, and here’s a good-looking lady throwing herself at him. I mean, he’s a man,” Robertson concluded.

The ordained Southern Baptist minister spoke on the military scandal again on Tuesday’s episode of “The 700 Club”, saying of Gen. Petraeus: “He’s got four stars, he’s written a book on counterinsurgency, he’s the acknowledged expert in the world, he’s one of the greatest generals America has ever produced, yet he can’t keep his pants zipped.”


— A young man gazes at a beautiful young woman travelling with her Father on the train, who is sleeping, oblivious. She smiles, and appears to be very comfortable in this stranger’s company, clearly enjoying and engaging with the flirtation. The warm colours are reflected in their rich clothing and on the elaborate upholstery. The soft light from the outside sunset illuminates the face of the young woman, making it more central. The gaze of the young man and red reflection of the sunlight shining through the curtain make the composition very clever. These features make us focus on her; they work almost as arrows, directing our attention.—Read More:


(see link at end)…The David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell scandal is like a Russian novel in that regard: It just goes on and on, with more and more names, and no one seems happy, and it gets to the point where you would almost welcome a long treatise on the modernization of Russian farming practices just to break things up a bit….

…Without sex, and with very little wit, it’s impossible to understand why any of these people liked each other in the first place. And then suddenly there are more unlikeable people, some of whom have titles that seem invented, such as “unpaid social liaison,” which does sound as if it could comfortably accommodate a “princess” in front of it or at the very least “countess.”

Perhaps it was news of the General Petraeus affair breaking and crashing in ceaseless, though barely salty (they went jogging together – is there anything less sexy in the world?) waves this week that made me pause to consider a recent study on the diminished intellectual prowess of modern humans.

In an article in the journal Trends in Genetics, Stanford University geneticist Gerald Crabtree has argued that were a man from the year 1000 BC or even earlier to find his way to modern times, he would be the brightest one among us.

Unlike hunter-gatherers of yore, for whom an ill-considered decision often meant death for both self and progeny, Prof. Crabtree writes, modern humans pay no great penalty for stupidity, and thus our intellectual evolution has been stymied….

…In any case, this week’s now-familiar but still-bizarre juxtaposition of old puritanism and new technology suggests that one of the two elements ought to be put to rest, lest civilization collapse beneath a tide of resignations.

At this point, we must either disassemble the Internet or decide that sex between consenting adults is often an excellent idea, always a private matter, and mostly not that entertaining to anyone not in the bed. Read More:

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