free parking

Parking is a touchy and expensive consideration in touch and go world of commercial shopping today. Not surprisingly, it seems to massage the worries and ego if it is somehow an invisible price or hidden cost rather than something the shopper has to pay for immediately. Its not one of those instant gratification goods. It has been over a year that Madame Pickwick has been paying client parking for the first hour, and it is revealing how reimbursing a dollar for their space is appreciated….

Madame Pickwick pays the first hour of parking...

Madame Pickwick pays the first hour of parking. Sadly, we are unable to provide get of of jail free cards at this time..

…Mind you, a dollar is not a lot to induce them considering what they have to deal with; the downtown sector is full of unfortunates who have to keep traisping to the unemployment office to demonstrate they continue to look for gainful employment; the people who work downtown in the offices are not strikingly cheerful and the multi-level parking lot itself is one honking ugly concrete structure. Add the graffiti and we are glad to welcome the clientele…

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