every distance is not near

You could say, and it may be a fool’s errand to believe that every distance in time and space is collapsing and unpacking itself in a constant state of movement which technology only magnifies in this state of a sticky-webby-nebby culture , this creeping awareness of a superconscious fleshing itself out and bringing a new realm down into our daily life within a new public space.There is a disruptive sound of the trumpets still, the old fear-mongering, traveling Elmer Gantry’s with trick n’ treat ether dazzling the stationary minds with their mass of paralyzing contradictions and reality ruining for every size of packet and pocket book, and virtual wallet banking on tragedy of being left standing at the bus stop without any direction to a tribe near you and the promise of easy pleasure of the constant and on demand, live streaming miracle from the high priests of dire straits.elisa6

People used to think, intellectually, that the abolition of isolation and the remote, would be achieved through the loud hailer of television that would impress the entire machinery of communication onto converging long distances into shorter time frames. But nearness or proximity did not necessarily constitute a story of closeness of the intimate and the personal. And all this was introduced with fanfare without the caveat and small warning label on the package: the sound you think is music may be a siren and is only required listening when there is a sense of dire straits in the making.danielle92

Convergence culture has acted as moat insulating standard appeals and threats of giving away yourself entirely to an emptiness,staring,some stark naked and somewhat mad,blood in the eyes,into a void of consumer culture and nothingness; but something instead attached to thought and perhaps a level of consciousness where metaphorically, the broom or bride is not left standing at the altar, alone waiting for divine providence to bestow a gift. Maybe they can both growth hack away on a bliss for blog basis for all their efforts to both connect with the world, and incrementally nudge the needle, change it, for a slightly better state. Forget “heart of the matter”, we mean bones here, frame to put the essence of flesh onto and to engage in a hack-attack to mine a little gold from an unconscious realm into near physical, tangible reality. if it will stay put for a moment!

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