call in a bananafish

Is it true there is an ascent, a climbing the ladder of consciousness, a motive being an inner need, the “guilty” party a yearning of and for voting for a wink of superconsciousness, a just reward for the increase in knowledge. An internet of everything that will descend into the material world transforming the obscure into light and the melancholic to joy oh boy. People want to tell their story then, before, after, and during a metaphoric million dollar bash. to rattle a cage and stake out, harvesting an essence in the present and cooking the ingredients into a new future corresponding to a hitherto unknown reality. Telling your story is always the wisdom and experience behind every innnovation, every extension of the line, every sequence and every short hop over the the puddle in quantum leap where a physical manifestation will ultimately present itself.bergeron79

the need for compelling stories are not the isolated words themselves, but the inner language, the private language of exchange that permits every receiver to weave the story into their own personal experience , plugging it into a realm of their personally patented sense of consciousness and personal search and discovery and fill more profound and often inarticulated needs than dictums than talking head functionality can provide. lack of explanation, alienation and narrative fiction are handmaidens of mortality and the fatal, an unhinged romanticism of personal meaning and understanding only being actualized in a final breath before expiring to the sometimes not so great beyond. Mortality as motivation, insulated and mediated by images, the insurance of fiction which poetically ends with the final stanza of disconnect between author and reader, then reader with reader. All removed and tongue-tied to engage with their neighbour about what binds them wherever.danielle78

Confusion can be king. Which is the currency of our lives and which are the goods and gods of the saint wallet and purse. Commercial activity initiates on an assumption of measurement and standardization that facilitate a marketable exchange process, that juxtaposes relative values for goods and services with little in common and as a unifying invention money exceeds brilliantly, even though its gravitational force will always head downwards, flat, where little has real value or importance, including human life and like coins rolling around and around, falling flat, being picked up and beginning the cycle again. for the sake of trade. telling your story is a respite from the loop, a shady grove, a tiny arcadia of the genuine, leaving the links that require money as a footnote and afterthought.

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