back of envel-elope calculations: disbelief

“ne succombez jamais au d├ęsespoir: il ne tient pas ses promesses.”

Any social media marketing falls into an ideological void where a mediation of experience, “aesthetic” limited as it may be, is intensified and compressed within networks which through data analysis tease out the tangible form the mass of abstract phenomena. All for the purpose of selling or getting a vote. So, data in itself has become a plague, and epidemic without vaccine, an ascendant ideology based on what is culled and harvested from media derived information bases. It is ironical that the spread of information is like using a Hercules aircraft to seed large tracts of land simply to draw the buffalo and smaller mammals to feed and share. Ultimately, like Andy Warhol’s pop art creations, you have to wonder if we are alive, breathing, kicking or merely synthetic creations what Eisenstein called plastic cinematic montage, which collectively we end up synchronizing the moving parts into some form of narrative based on the star system, a series stations of the cross to worship media mannequins of which there is no escape, which through search robots will shadow us into our daily shallow graves.

Who are thee not to question my reality and with what patience I attend the next?

Who are thee not to question my reality and with what patience I attend the next?

Buddha on leaving his closed garden of delight would probably jump back over the fence through disbelief of what really exists out in the mild form of metaphorical pepper spray doused at seemingly random targets under what the talking heads, part-time Orwellian mouthpiece scrabble masters of gobbity-stink term formal innovation, mechanical impulse and naked spontaneity, read hysteria as an inter-necessity among a community of interest. But don’t forget that sawed off shotgun! those prime parking spots are competitive.danielle90

The current content marketing social media tsunami form of advice and tips driven ideology is very inventive, lots of toys,that hide and reveal some dystopic currents, new and more ingenious forms of scamming with scale as well as permutations that keeps us just ahead of a shadow’s final embellishment.

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