content is a plug-in

In a post-modern post-Veblen analysis society social media marketing, content marketing and all it’s other derivatives appear like a plug-in, an add-on, a bell and whistles accessory to the broader and even more secular play of market based economies, eclipsing even market capitalism, financial capitalism and other drivers in their own way, of a goods and services system facilitating exchange whether as monetized services or other currencies.bergeron48

The whole exercise of these social media platforms with off-shoots and tools is at its core, built around data theft or more politely, data mining without permission and without conscience really.Ultimately, to find chinks in the armor, commodify the individual and keep the consumption dial turning. The relation of consumption of content in a sense of fixed value tied to actual goods is not measurable, but also less valuable than who are they, where do they hang and whether they are first adopters, early adopters, or simply those gratified to see conventions fulfilled in a predictable manner.bergeron47

Avoiding and industrialist mindset, the “uncaring” ethos is resurrected by the content industry, but the former is a dead cadaver, a scarecrow of sorts. There is a power of corporate ethos at work which subliminally conditions a gravitational pull toward what is generic and reassuring.

The intrinsic value of social media is its uncanny strength of grabbing hold of a memory as it punches through and rattles a rusty cage, especially in moments of crisis such as our present epoch of fragmentation, a kind of danger, amber light warning that appears to affect and re-emancipate traditions its usual and accepted means of reception, threatening the relation of submissiveness. We are clearly in an era of potential to lay claim to tradition outside of a conformism that generally overpowers such efforts.

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