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surfin’ human safari

…a lot of the california acid-drenched hippie scene of the late 60′s were into and was buddies with charles manson – a budding hustling musician. even neil young described him as one of the best guitar players he’d met. he … Continue reading

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In the jaws of the crocodile

People are the product of history. The way nations see, dress, think and formulate reality are much based on the parameters that over time, form a wall of convention, the box to which the comfort zone of convenience installs and … Continue reading

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by Art Chantry: robert crumb sez his piece about the philosophical work of ayn rand (paul ryan’s idol).one of the many things she and charles manson shared was a belief in the philosophical system of “egoism” (which is not to … Continue reading

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gambling with your everlasting soul

by Art Chantry: this stuff creeps me out. always has, always will. looking at religious propaganda always sends a charlie manson chill down my spine – no matter what “sect” we’re talking about here. this stuff is all about manipulation, … Continue reading

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