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it will all end without having been completed

Merleau Ponty: We are fascinated by the classical idea of intellectual, adequation that partly mute “thought” sometimes leaves us with the impression of a significant swirl of significations, a paralyzed, miscarried utterance….What, then, is the secret science which he has … Continue reading

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sacred geometry: mathematics, matrimony & 1.656

Divine proportion and the divine right of kings? The sacred geometry of the ancient philosophers had always fascinated Leonardo Davinci, and interest he shared with other Renaissance artists like Albrecht Durer….. One very famous piece, known as the Mona Lisa, … Continue reading

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Salvador Dali’s understanding of Freud was in the ambiguous transfer of desire to reality;where desire cannot be represented directly or consciously, it takes the form of a distortion of reality as an absurdity. A strange convergence of the elements of … Continue reading

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Starfleet Explores Left-Hand Planet of the Arts

At an outer perimeter of ¬†Delta Quadrant is a planet inhabited uniquely by a left handed civilization with human resemblances. They are Artemoids, so named after the Greek God of the arts, Artemis. ¬†Artemis’s moon is named Apollo, after the … Continue reading

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