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diplacing man from the middle

Nicolaus Copernicus. He was called “incomparable astronomer” and was immensely respected, though controversial.After all, he displace man from the center of the universe as he pushed earth out of its traditional place; the pre-Copernican cosmos was generally held to consist … Continue reading

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watching paint dry

There used to be a lot of decorative painting classes at one time, the great idea that the artist required no technical drawing skills or imagination to create a design. Just use tracing paper and graphite paper and bingo you … Continue reading

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frida in negative print

Lucienne Bloch grew up surrounded by many of the great intellectuals and artists in the interwar period after her father emigrated to the United States in 1917. This might explain her lack of interest in fame and power. After all, … Continue reading

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mural mural on the wall…

Can street art murals be simply too hot to handle for the public to view? Are the public funds and corporate subsidies often used to produce it any more disreputable than the same norms that permit corporations to peddle much … Continue reading

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