another one bites the dust

Another Black September? Apparently the Arab Spring is far from over and the next domino to be toppled may be Jordan. According to some reports, King Abdullah is losing public support through efforts to make structural changes in Jordanian society, essentially an effort to increase overall wealth and economic output, and by raising living standards to thwart dissent.But, like Greece has shown, it is much easier to enact austerity legislation than trample on long held privilege that structural barriers confer on the holders.

---A painter of large, emotionally charged representational canvases in the expressionistic tradition, Kurdi’s instruction began at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. More recently, he was fortunate to be able to participate in a number of workshops alongside Arab and European artists at Darat-Al-Funun, the Arab World’s foremost institution for contemporary art, where he became a student of a prominent German Painter of Syrian origin, Marwan Qassab Bashi.---Read More:

Essentially, the public sector in Jordan is held by established local tribes and the Palestinian Authority ( PA) Arabs have filled the private sector space; but in ceding state assets and public and quasi-public benefits to the private sector, an instability arises. As Kissinger once pointed out,usually revolutions and quantum changes arise in the midst of improving conditions;its simply that the conditions and hoped for benefits are not apparent soon enough.

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