easel does it: I’ll paint with my donkey

Old easels never die, they just drag themselves into the woods on their last legs to become recycled, resurrected again to serve the aims of art. When painting came off the wall and onto the floor, the deed was done to create some contraption to hold the canvas in place. After murals and oversized and often overwrought altar pieces dried up as commission work, the artists turned to canvas painting to keep the workshop running. The basic design of easels has changed little in five hundred years as one can see in the Vermeer painting below. If so, you have to wonder why so many easels continue to be sold today, you think they would be handed down and given away, but everyone seems to want a new easel.

---Felix Nussbaum. Self portrait with easel. 1943. ---Read More:http://dexedrina.blogspot.com/2011/01/felix-nussbaum-autorretratos-19361943.html

…The word easel is derived from the German language and it is actually a synonym for the word donkey. The old Germanic form of the word easel is Esel. Interestingly enough, the word that means easel in many languages also means donkey in those languages as well, like Dutch (schildersezel) and Latin (Asinus). Read More:http://www.easelsbyamron.com/history/easels-history-languages.htm

---OTTO Dix Self-Portrait with easels. 1926 Source: museumsyndicate.com ---

Check our catalogue for the easels this Fall. Winsor Newton easels normally about $200 suggested retail will be at about 40% off, and they come mostly assembled, which is a big plus.

Vermeer. Read More:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jan_Vermeer_van_Delft_011.jpg

The Best easels are examples of superb craftsmanship. But what if you don’t have the $189 just for the table model? The next video shows a honking six footer built for $20. Since most artists are poor, this seems like some good advice. In fact, at $20 you can get into the easel business…

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