blinded by the light

When Noam Chomsky first began writing about American involvement in Vietnam, the writing was taught, concise, well researched and quite clear in explaining Republicanism and monopoly capital. After that intellectual surge the avant-gard academia gradually devolved into the Anarch–Marxist washing, pseudo hip and entirely conventional pabble we have today. Ironically, one remark of Chomsky was that the North Vietnamese were organizing themselves into prosperous communities and which to America set a dangerous precedent since their success could be a copiable template in the region. Fair enough. But, with Gush Katif in Israel, a magnificent success story in agricultural productivity operated exclusively by religious Jews, somehow the sharp as a tack wit of Chomsky failed to connect the dots. In fact his silence over the Gush Katif tragedy, the defense of Amona and even Migron can be taken as complicity with the reactionary forces of Zionism, military power used recklessly against its own citizens and a widening of the malaise between the old Zionist socialists and what is really a new Israel.

Read More: ---The vast injustice done to the Orthodox Israelis in the vibrant and self-supporting communities of Gush Katif in 2005, by the unilateral withdrawal and expulsion of the Orthodox Jews by the Sharon administration has left its indelible scar upon the psychic of the Jewish people in Israel. In their place, the synagogues were torn down and burnt up, the farms were destroyed and the ungrateful Palestinians left this region a virtual wasteland and wreck. It was not much different than it was before the Israeli began to created new homes in that region, except the debris of former habitation, pays respect of a day, when children were playing and families were praying to the G-d of Israel on the sand dunes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. With ex-Prime Minister Arial Sharon is today living in a virtual coma; as some believe an act of divine justice, is now as “one of the living dead”. The justice and judgment of Hashem has been felt with deep intensity.---

In fact that entire left phalanx of Naomi Klein, Tony Kushner, Tony Judt, Slavoj Zizek et al. were remarkably silent which implies they do tacitly accept Jews being thrown out of their homes and being demolished. And being beaten by the army who in disregard for national law do not wear their identification badges in these acts. One conclusion is that the janus side, this underbelly of positivism is a secret admiration for what they vocally find reprehensible. After all, the atheism and socialism of a Peres, Ehud Barak, Olmert et al. is comfortably close to their own ideals. Maybe its simply a question of means and not ends. Its all nice to sit in ivory towers, the papal palace of the pontiffs of peace like Chomsky with scepter in their hand, they can hold out the other hand to be kissed by the worshipping masses. I would like to see what they would have done at Amona. My fear is that they would have asked for clubs and started beating the settlers senseless. They are all cowards who can write and speak a million words but a lack a single gut or strand of muscle in their backbone.

( see link at end) …The big difference between today in Israel and Soviet Jewry is in the eyes. The eyes of today’s Jewish pioneers are not silent. There’s no fear. There’s strength and pride in being Jewish and settling the Land. I’ve spoken to some of the kids who spent weeks and months in Israeli jails after being arrested for protesting Disengagement. They refused to recognize the authority of the judges to judge right from wrong, since the judges’ criteria are anti-Jewish. These brave children were not broken. There’s eyes are alive and strong. When the Israeli riot police came to Amona last year to destroy homes and stop the demonstrations, they expected their armor and horses to frighten the demonstrators. They were enraged at the way the kids stared them down and tried to argue with them. Some of the police brutality was from the frustration of those bullies who expected the crowds to flee. They tried to beat the pride out of the kids.

Those kids were amazing. I remember seeing a couple of young teens arguing with police on the road to Jerusalem afterwards. From the body-language it was clear that the kids were stronger.Read More:

Read More: ---What does he do that provokes such fierce loyalty to his cause? Perhaps it’s the reward money of $5000 he gives to soldiers who refuse orders to remove Jews from the land. Perhaps it’s his program that soldiers and police can ask forgiveness for being part of the expulsions. Perhaps it’s his group’s unceasing campaign of signs on busses across Israel that decries expulsion. Perhaps it’s his taking up the cause of the outcasts of the Zionist dream, the residents of Gush Katif. Vilified and harassed, their homes, livelihoods and belongings destroyed, they are even charged rent for their primitive huts that the government allows them to live in. They are even forced to pay mortgages for land and property given away over 5 years ago.---


The guy could have a point here: ( see link at end) Robert D. Mock: As the Israelites were leaving the devastated land of Egypt, Egyptian opportunists who were frightened yet moved by the catastrophes that swept across their land, watched with awe as the entire talented working class of Egypt hastily exited from the borders of their land.

This mixed multitude, as they were called, were Egyptians who in their outward façade posed as members of the fleeing Israelite tribes. According to the Chazal (sages of blessed memory), this “mixed multitude” called the “Erev Rav” were not true converts to the God of Israel but superficial Israelites who believed that this god was stronger than the Egyptian gods. They took the opportunity to follow what they believed was the “winning side.” (Zohar I,119a and Pirkei D’Rebbi Eliezer 28) They also saw this was the “golden opportunity” and became what was known as the “Fifth Column” in the Israelite social culture….

Read More:

Yet, they quickly became disillusioned, wanted to assert authority over the leadership chosen by the Almighty. They were to the first to complain and murmur about any inconvenience that came their way. …

…What does it mean to be minimally Jewish? The answer fits the mold of the Sabbatean Jew. He is the one who in his heart despises the God of Israel and the “faithful saints” of the Jewish people who are passionate followers of their God, the Almighty One of Israel. The picture even becomes clearer when we understand that as stated above, the Erev Rav will “break ranks” with the Orthodox Jews who follow with all their hearts the commands of the Torah that the God of Israel gave them. The Erev Rav will drive them from their homes, their land and in turn “form an alliance with Yishmael (Islamic descendants of Ishmael).” Read More:


HAVING described the phenomenon, Rosenfeld proceeded to identify prominent American Jews, including New York University Prof. Tony Judt, playwright Tony Kushner, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, Noam Chomsky, and Adrienne Rich as leading Jewish lights in the leftist assault on the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in our homeland. Read More:

Danish protestors being treated the same way as at Amona. Context is different, but a cracked skull is a cracked skull.

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